Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hair to Abs!

I am starting the 2 main things I am pretty sure 90% (might be a bit of exaggeration!) of  brides-to-be do.. one- try to loose a few lbs/tone up and two- grow hair out (if you have shorter hair that is, which I do!). I started to grow my hair out in July, month of engagement, so I have a kick start. Anyway, the hair isn't the problem its the loosing the few lbs and toning up that is. That's one of the main reasons I'm blogging about this, I'm hoping it will aid me in my motivation and will power which are hard to maintain during the holidays! Thank goodness for Eddie, a lot of time after work I'm ready to just plop myself on the couch but hes there to push me over to the gym, he even took up hot yoga with me! Working out is far more enjoyable when you have a buddie! Speaking of yoga, I HIGHLY recommend Bikram hot yoga to anyone. I was so nervous the first class, but I am so glad I started, no work out has ever made me feel better. Not to try and be all zen-like but they say its good for your body mind and spirit for a reason!

This position kills me, and its one that you have to hold for the least amount of time! 

Aside from Eddie rooting me along- this past month my main motivation is the fact that my mom, dad & brother are coming out here for Christmas which I'm stoked about- but also, little does my mom know that I am dragging her with me to try on dresses for the first time! I know I don't have to be the weight I want to be for the wedding right now buttt it would pain me to try on a dress for the first time and only be able to concentrate on my huge hips. Wow this whole post is making me sound really vain.. I'm not- I promise!
My next weapon aside from Bikram is Jillian Michaels... I've invited her into my living room by purchasing 30 Day Shred. It's in the mail as we speak so hopefully I can start having her kick my butt shortly.

I'm confident I'll have abs like her after 30 days. haaaa.


  1. I need to get "The Shred" back on...I did about 3 days of it and quit. I'm awful!

  2. i love the 30 day shred work out!! it's the BEST video ever! i've never done it solidly for 30 days, but try to do it when i'm too lazy to go to the gym.