Sunday, November 28, 2010

E! c'mon really?!

photo from E! Online

The debut of Bridalplasty aired tonite on E! This may be the next new show that I love to hate. As appalled as I was to tune in for the debut episode I could not turn the channel and also could not stop asking myself "are these girls for real?!". I found myself rooting for one of the girls that almost got voted off at the end, she  was also on The Biggest Loser (another one of my fav shows) the same time thinking to myself "why are you rooting for anyone?!". See throughout the whole show I was in this conflict, my gut was telling me no but the trashy tv loving side of my brain kept saying yes! Worst part was at the end of the show, Shanna Moakler tells the first girl she's kicked off by saying something along the lines of "You will get married but it won't be perfect" - SERIOUSLY?!
Not really sure how this show will pane out, will it be entertaining- maybe, will I feel horrible for these girls- definitely.

Back to work tomorrow- why do holidays go by so quickly?!

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  1. lol I've been watching it here and there and it's really ridiculous.. and even more ridiculous what they say "it just wont be perfect" ... seriously? lol