Monday, December 13, 2010

Farewell Dear Tanning Bed

After YEARS.. and I'm talking legit YEARS of subjecting my skin to tanning bed rays I am finally throwing in the towel (well not completely, I'm sure I'll go a few times before tropical vacas and of course the wedding!). This post kind of embarrasses me because I really can't believe it has taken me this long, with all the studies that have shown just how terrible tanning beds are for you. My milky white Irish skin, that I haven't seen since junior year of high school, won't be showing itself just yet though.. as for now I have moved on to spray tanning. I went for the first time last Wednesday... and I was SO nervous I made the chick go over EXACTLY what I was supposed to do at least 3 times. I kept thinking I was going to mess up and pull a Ross (you know what episode of Friends I'm talking about!) I kept thinking I was going to come out bright orange... and I think I kind-of did, in pictures I think it looks way more orange than it actually is in person.

Exhibit A (2 days after spray tan)

All in all though I think it looks pretty decent so I will continue to be a tanning salon patron- now just moving on to the more healthier form of faking and baking. My tips to those who want to try 1. give yourself a good exfoliate before you go in. 2. go just before bedtime so you give yourself a good 8 hours after without showering 3. take your time with the blocker lotion they give you before you head into the booth, and make sure you get all the creases of your hands and feet- esp palms!

....Mom, I'm sure your going to be very happy about this post... :)

Happy Monday (now that it's almost over- Mondays are the WORST!)


  1. good for you! keep us updated on how the spray tans goes, xoxox

  2. Spray tan looks great!!! I've been nervous to try it...Thanks for the tips : )

  3. Hey chicky!I love your blog! I am a new follower! I too gave up my tanning bed visits and have opted to go to Sun Tan City instead for the Versa Spa sunless tanning booth! I am adddiccccted!!! Your spray tan looks great! I think it looks way healthier than the RED BURN we get from the tanning beds....

  4. Good for you for kicking the habit! I am sure your skin thanks you :) I love the spray tan, too... but hate when it comes off on my clothes and sheets. But I am with you, it's worth it to be tan!

  5. Thanks for the spray tan tips! i've been on the hunt recently for a good place and i've never been before. It looks great though! I'm excited after seeing your results!

  6. I'm pretty fair skinned and spray tan a lot. I love it, although the cost kind stinks :)