Thursday, April 28, 2011

Maui Day 3: Wailea

Day 3 started off a lot like day 2, I was up at the butt crack of dawn and made my way down by the pool to catch some precious rays. 
 ...while catching some rays I played on my iphone every morning sending pictures like this to my friends.. I'm sure they have more pictures of my face in their inbox than they can handle right now!

The boys headed out early to golf at a municipal course. Courtney and I lounged by the condo pool for a few hours then walked over to the "farmers market" in Maalaea bay. It was a little disappointing only a few booths were set up but it was a Friday, I assume Saturdays & Sundays are a little more bumping for them. We stopped in for lunch and of course a Mai Tai, hey- when in Rome!

Once the boys got home it was straight to Wailea with a plan to crash the Grand Wailea Resort pools and pretend we were guests!

We drank a few of these at 6 dollars a piece! ouch!

After hanging out at the resort all day I turned to my trusty travel agent aka Maui Revealed.

My boss gave me this great book and it was SO helpful. Before we went on the trip I read it front to back and loaded it with sticky notes. 
I opened it on a mission to find the BEST restaurant to fit what we were all craving- fresh  yummy fish!
We decided on Pacific'O located in Lahaina. BEST RESTARUANT EVER. We headed there for our 7:45 reservations and dinned on the most delicious Mai Mai I have EVER had. 

I swear I think Eddie coordinates outfits with me every night on purpose ;)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tail Wagging Tuesday

Linking up with C Mae for another Tail Wagging Tuesday!
Topic: Where your pet sleeps!

Russ's favorite place to sleep is our bed. I have to dragggg him out every morning when I get ready for work! 

This isn't our bedroom but it was taken in a condo we rented in Eastern Washington, Russ made himself right at home!

I know I know, we shouldn't let the lil guy sleep with us but he's so darn cute and when Eddie is traveling he keeps his side of the bed warm :) Eddie's looking a little angry... probably because I decided to have a photo shoot with them right when we got home from a few hours at the local bar!

Maui Day 2: Lahaina

Day 2 started off for me at 5:00 AM. There was NO way I was sleeping in on this trip! Plus I'm a morning person anyway. I had a cup of coffee then headed straight for the beach with my ereader in hand for some nice relaxing ME time. 
At around 10:00 we decided to head towards Lahaina and walk around the town. Lahaina is an old whaling village. The streets of Lahaina are full of cute shops and restaurants. We picked up some delish vanilla macadamia nut coffee which I enjoyed every morning!

Soaking up the Maui sun in Lahaina's Courthouse Square. Note the crazy Banyan Tree in the background! That is ONE tree, it is massive and quite amazing!

 Moose McGillycuddy's 3 dollar Mai Tai's were calling our name so we stopped in for a few! 

*Fun fact* Eddie & I plan to have Mai Tai's as our signature drink at our wedding. This is in honor of the day we first met. After the Patriot's game, that we met at, we decided we needed to finish the night at a chinese restaurant drinking Mai Tais, and the rest is history!

After lunch we walked along the water a bit, taking it all in. 

The  beach coverup I am wearing is from Vicki's and it is the most comfiest thing ever! I blogged about it here.

We headed back towards the condo and stopped at one of the beaches along the way. Our smart boys had made sure to stock the cooler in the morning and load it up in the Subaru so we could enjoy some afternoon beers on the beach! And oh yes, we were lucky enough to have the condo owner's car available to us. I loved rocking out in the 97' Subaru wagon! She was a beaut!

after the beach we hung by the pool... 

 ...and grilled up some delish steak, chicken, onions and peppers paired with frozen margies! 
Here are the cooks prepping the food for the grill, I was sampling the margies to make sure they were made just right ;)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easing back into Seattle living

I couldn't have asked for a better weekend to ease into life post vaca!

I woke up on Saturday to blue skies and warm air. My car thermometer hit 71! We headed straight to Green Lake. I really can't say enough about this lake, we've spent so many afternoons there it is such a special place for us! The lake was bustling with people and furry friends!

After we wore ourselves out around the lake we stopped at Green Lake Bar & Grill to bask in the sun on their patio. To my surprise they had Sam Adams Summer on tap already!

So of course I couldn't stop at just one! 
We enjoyed some time on their patio and reminisced about our vaca while we gulped down our first few Sam Summers of the season!

It may sound crazy but I'm actually looking forward to getting back into the swing of things at work!
Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Maui Day 1: Aloha

The flight to Maui was painless, mostly because we knew what was ahead. My flight necessities (ereader, iphone, mai tais & bunny cheese its) really helped the flight speed by as well! Anyone who does not own some sort of e-reader one must go out and buy one asap! I had a fully loaded reader for the trip and loved how easy it was to bring with me everywhere we went. 

We arrived in Maui a little after noon, grabbed a taxi and headed to the condo in Maalea. The condo is owned by a financial advisor Eddie works with, it was a gem! Staying in a Condo seems like the most ideal way to experience the island!

Upon arrival the girls unpacked a little while the boys headed straight for the supermarket to load up on the necessities for the week: beer, margarita mix/tequila, and cheese & crackers.
Loved having a Kitchen, and there was a washer and dryer in there! woohoo!

I had my morning coffee here each morning, not a bad way to start the day!

After stocking the kitchen we lounged by the pool for a bit..

* This is when I realized the battery in my camera does not keep a charge anymore. SAD FACE. In order to keep it charged I can't keep the battery in the camera when I'm not snapping pics. OH wells. At least I found a solution for the trip! 

After a good soaking in the pool and a few Corona's later we headed to a near by restaurant Beach Bums for Dinner. Beach Bums is a great chill spot and they have someone playing music every night of the week, needless to say we spent a lot of time there!

Our partners in paradise for the week were Jimmy & Courtney. Jimmy is Eddie's childhood best friend and will be his best man in our wedding! Jimmy & Courtney were married right before Eddie & I met, tearrr I couldn't be at their wedding! They are amazing people, and I am soooo glad we have them in our lives! Even more glad they came to Hawaii with us!!

Eddie & I after Beach Bums.. I'm sporting a dress from Forever 21 that was 50% off so I think I spent a whopping 7 bucks on it.. STEAL! He's sporting a Tommy Bahama shirt, don't we coordinate so well ;) dorks!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Aloha from Maui!

Just figured out how to work the wifi in the condo this morning. It was amazing catching up on a few days worth of blogs as I sipped my coffee watching the sunrise.. oh Maui.. I never want to leave!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wedding MishMash

Images I have been saving on my work comp. Sorry I can't give any photo credit.. but I'm sure the majority of these can be found on Style Me Pretty.

Hot shoes and fluffy flowers = heaven

I never thought I would like this lavenderish color but these ladies pull it off beautifully! Anddd I love the brides dress!

Gorgeously simple hair, LOVE the huge flower.

Our venue will be DECKED in votives i hope! Add some lace to them, don't mind if I doo!

LOVE this cake,  I want to have one very simple like this. Eddie wants a Sundae Bar so I don't want to fuss/ spend buco bucks on a cake.

LOVE this idea for favors. I would fill these little burlap sacks with choc covered espresso beans. YUM.

I LOVE the circle menu in the bottom pic

Hopefully we can come up with something as crafty as this for our seating chart!

Off to Maui for the week where I will undoubtedly be day dreaming on the beach daily of these lovely wedding images!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

14 Months!

Yup, only 14 more to go until our Wedding day.. where did March go, geesh that month sped right by! Can't say I'm complaining though, what crap weather Seattle had pretty much the whole month. YUCK.

I reached my goal for month 15 by booking our photographer. Goal for month 14, aside from adding $$ to the savings, is to try on some more dresses to nail down if not the dress, at least the style I want! I already foresee this goal not being met! 
I suddenly found myself obessesed with the one shoulder look..

Anne Barge 607

Anne Barge 531 - I thinkkk

Once I found these dresses, I thought to myself who is this Anne Barge lady.. then my jaw dropped when I googled her amazing dresses.

Why does there have to be so many pretty wedding dresses in this world?! How is a girl to choose?!?!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tail Wagging Tuesday -Fav pic

An excuse to post a pic of my favorite furry little friend, don't mind if I dooo! 
Linking up with crazy girl C Mae to participate in Vol. 1 of Tail Wagging Tuesday!

Your most fav pic of your pet:

This was the first day we got Russ just about a year ago, he looks so innocent and skinny mini. Oh my how times have changed!! This picture was taken on a pit stop while walking around Green Lake, which has become Russ & our favorite walking spot over the past year!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Recap in SHOPPING

This weekend was a shopping weekend for the books!

Best purchase hands down:

We got a Keurig, which was SO necessary since I am ADDICTED to coffee and we haven't had a coffee pot since our move at the end of January. 
We decided on the Keurig Elite model which is like their mid to low-line coffee maker. There were so many to choose from! The Elite meets our needs perfectly though!
Favorite flavor is Wild Mtn Blueberry, if you haven't tried it your missing out big time!

Moving on to some NECESSITY shopping for Hawaii in whatt 10 days!! OH BOY. 
Don't love these sandals but since Russ chewed up my white sandals from last year I had to take what I  could I could get in these cheapies.

Headed over to Forever 21 and got these cheapies also, wicked cute and surprisingly comfy, just hoping they don't fall apart on me after the 2nd day in Maui
Also got a maxi dress form Forever which was 50% off, can't find it on the website though. Forever having things on sale baffles me I can't believe things there can get any cheaper! And a few other pairs of shorts and cheap jewls were purchased.

I am officially banned from Vickies indefinitely I saw this romper and couldn't pass it up!

and of course this neon bikini was NECESSARY to go with it

I received an email this morning that Sephora is now carrying BP products and I just so happened to want to try the BP Thickening Serum so while at UVillage I grabbed it up
HOPEFULLY it works to thicken my baby fine hair.

Also grabbed this Philosophy Lip Gloss in Melon Daiquiri & I LOVE It. Not too goopey and stays on long for lip gloss standards.

Clearly the gloss had no competition tonight with the red wine I consumed at Tutta Bella.
Here I am with wino Lips while waiting for Eddie to run into QFC to purchase me MORE wine...Thank you SOON to be hubbie!