Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

The tree is up and the scent of pine and also those pesky pine needles have filled the apartment! The countdown to Christmas and my family's arrival to Seattle has begun! This is Eddie & I's second Christmas living together. Last year since we had zero ornaments we decided that each year we would give each other one  and also try to buy one at every state we travel to. It's been a fun new tradition to start and I hope we stick to it!


  1. gorgeous tree! i love fat ones! i love that tradition too you started, i'm going to have to copy next year when the fiance and i are married and live together!!

  2. Frances failed to mention that I carried it on my shoulder all the way from the store.

  3. Love that tradition and it'll be fun to see what ya'll find each year. Very pretty tree. I love the smell of Christmas trees :)