Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Recap- a whole lotta Seattle fun

I had a pretty darn good weekend!

Friday night was happy hour @ Daniel's. Daniel's has one of the best happy hours in Seattle we ordered SO much food and the bill was sooo legit. I swear nothing makes me happier than a high class dinner on a poor man's budget. 

Meg & I thought it was a great idea to start out with a Bombay Sapphire Martini. BAD call, that thing was N to the ASTY. Didn't stop me from drinking it though! 

I decided to be all fancy and curl my hair up. My hair is not something I am very good at doing, its so baby thin and straight so it can be very frustrating to style. Kind of embarrassing to admit BUT I had to watch a tutorial on YouTube to figure out to properly curl my hair, god I love the internet- you can find ANYTHING. 

Moving right along to Saturday... Ed & I took in an extra fur baby for the week. We are watching Ed's Uncles dog, Tito. He and Russ have quickly turned into BFF's. And I have quickly realized that 2 dogs is A LOT OF WORK. No more begging for a brother or sister for Russ. 

Moving right along to Saturday night. We hit up a dive in the U district, Blue Moon Tavern, for our friend Andrew's birthday festivities. 
I had to whip out my pleather leggings that I've had since 2 Halloween's ago when I bought them for our Sandy & Danny costume. 

Before we knew it we had a pug in our laps.. wait what?! 

Random, I know. 

Even more random, this guy to the left of the stage.. only in Seattle. 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday's Fancies

Linkin up this Friday to {a long distance loving} for another addition of my Friday's Fancies.

After work I'm getting in a quick run in so I can divulge in late night happy hour at Daniel's Broiler guilt free. I wish I had the below in my closet to sport tonight!

Those Louie heels are a little scarey high for me so I picked a Tory ballet flat to throw in my bag in case my tosies hurt mid happy hour.

Monday, February 21, 2011

I don't have a wedding dress yet..

...but at least I have a hanger to hang it on!! Yay! I was finally able to purchase a Lilafrances hanger! They went on sale this morning after being sold out last week, and she sold out again in 8 mins!  Hangers will be back on sale on the 28th at 8:00 am PST if any of you girls are interested!

I bought the DIY silver wire w/ the mahogany wood hanger, that way no matter how heavy my dress may be that sucker will hold it up! I've been swooning over these hangers FORRREVERRR (excuse me, I watched The Sandlot yesterday) that been showcased in just about every wedding blog I read.

      After much debating on what exactly to write I decided on frances (heart) ed.

Personalized Length of Silver Wire for the DIY Wood Wire Wedding Dress Hanger

*Note to mother- this will be delivered to your casa, as soon as the package arrives I want a phone call and photos! :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

iPhone = Love

So this past week my droid found itself suddenly not working (well maybe not suddenly, I may've inflected some harm on it). ANYWAY it worked out in my favor because I found out I was eligible for an upgrade so I got the iPhone 4. This thing has been glued to my hand since I purchased! I am in iphone LOVE, highly recommend this little gadget. Eddie also gave me the Sony ereader for Valentines day so I am one happy techy girl right now. The first book on my list is The Help. Yay can't wait to finally get back into reading, I've taken quite a hiatus!

A little weekend recap in pictures thanks to the new iPhone!

We hit up Purple wine bar w/ good friends on Friday night. Always an amazing and hilarious time with these 2. 

Saturday morning I woke up and decided I wanted to sort through my summer clothes and bathing suits in preparation for Maui ( which is in 52 days, I know this thanks to my countdown app)! 
I've realized I have FAR too many bathing suits and I am banned from even going on the Vickies website EVER again- LIES! I narrowed it down to 10 suits that I HAVE to bring w/ me to Hawaii. Guess I'll be doing mid morning suit changes! 
Here are my top 10 :)

I also found this cute little cover up that I purchased last summer and never wore

find it here 

Once I finished my beach fashion show for Eddie we headed over to Dad Watson's for some lunch and beers. Had to get the sampler- I'm a sucker for a good beer sampler.

Eddie got up early to golf this morning, when Eddie golfs I shop. It's my rule ;) 
SO I headed over to one of my favorite stores, Target! When I go to Target I usually try to not grab a basket to put my findings in, that way I only buy as much as I can carry.. Today I was bad, I loaded a basket to the brim with goodies! 

I got this cute little hurricane candle holder and sand filler for my beloved makeup brushes. 

Rompers are my most favorite articles of clothing in the world! I had to snatch this one up at a steal only $19 bucks! Ohhh Target that's why I love you!

I've been dying for a cute floppy hat for the beach and I found this little gem also a great steal!

It's really quite large and floppy but its super cute and it will be perfect to protect my goldy locks and face from the sun!

That was my weekend, hate to see it go! 
I am unwinding tonight with a glass of wine and watching the Social Network. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

My first ENGAGED Valentines!

Happy Valentines Day!

I was a lucky girl this Valentines day WEEKEND ( love when V-day falls near a weekend you can make a whole 3-4 days out of the holiday). I was lucky for a few reasons, the obvious being -spending it with my LOVE, and also because he surprised me with a scenic tour above Seattle!

Eddie rode Co-pilot

The water, oh the water is a huge reason why I LOVE Seattle. If only I could bring the NE beaches here.

The Space Needle - which I have yet to get to the top of.

A happy girl in the sky!

After the plane ride we headed downtown to Pacific Place, I often suggest Pacific Place when Eddie wants to go see a movie. Sneaky of me because my hidden motive is shopping in the amazing stores located there before the movie!
We saw Just Go With It and my love for Jennifer Aniston & Dave Mathews continues to grow!

Tonight we are cozying up on the couch with a bottle or 2 of wine, a great ending to a love filled Valentines Day Weekend!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Playing Dress Up

30+ dresses later and I have less of a clue of what I want than when I started! I never thought picking out my wedding dress would be so difficult. Pretty naive of me because picking out what to wear daily is difficult for me!!
I did however find one dress that was so completely different than what I ever thought I wanted and I think its "the one", it's gorgeous and I wish I was wearing it RIGHT NOW. I found it at this lil gem hidden away in the cutest area EVER of Bothell, Washington!

What's in the red cup you ask? a Mimosa Duhh :)

Here are some of the amazing dresses I tried on BUT not amazing enough to make the cut!

I had to put this one on ... it's so FUN.

I've realized I hate beading!

also realized I have a love/obsession for Pronovias dresses and LACE.. well I already knew that! This one was gorgeous, just not "it"!

 Do I need a fun short dress to change into mid reception?! I think I might!!!

 The girl helping me told me a bride was in a few weeks prior and bought this dress to wear for her Catholic Church Ceremony.. can you imagine?!

And these last 2 were really just tried on for fun, these are borderline hideous to me!

I know, I know that forehead wrinkle is scaring me too! I'll be heading out to Sephora now for some expensive wrinkle cream...

A HUGE thank you to my Seattle besties for tackling some of the best wedding dress shops on the east side w/ me!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

2 Amazing Giveaways on a Thursday Morning!

Hop on over to Jax's Roaring Twenties blog to enter to win an Apothica gift card! There isn't much that I love more than free makeup! I've never heard of Apothica until today, Sephora and Ulta have always been my go-to for makeup needs like my fav Stila Illuminating Foundation. I've been wearing in 50 watt since forever but I'm thinking since my no tan ban I will need to drop down a few watts! So if I win this gc it will def come in handy!

I have yet to win a blog giveaway but I'm feeling especially lucky today so I entered in 2!

After hitting up Jax's blog head on over to Shasta Anne's blog for the giveaway of all giveaways! Enter to win a Clarisonic Mia! I've been wanting one of these bad boys for quite some time now, and what better what to get one than by winning it!

To get in the Valentines day spirit while Ed was in Oregon the past few days I cleaned the whole apt up and decorated for Vday. I also baked him up some (reduced guilt) brownies last night. What a lucky boy I have!So these reduced guilt brownies were brought to my attention by one of my  fav bloggers Tracy @ Then I Got to Thinking, check her out too, if you already don't, she's got quite a following! I'm telling you these brownies are DELISH, you must head to Trader Joe's today and grab this box:

all you do is add vanilla yogurt and bake!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Fridays Fancies

Linkin up this lovely Friday to {AV} @ long distance loving.. to show you my Friday Fancies (I love the word Fancie -put a R in there and you got Francie, one of the many endearing nicknames of mine!)

Friday's Fancies

This Friday nights's agenda consists of BOWLING (sorry but EW) and cocktails.. I wish I could be wearing the stylings of above! Butt I will most definitely  be wearing my favorite Nars blush and sporting some hot eyes thanks to landing my hands on the Urban Decay Palette -Naked that's been SOLD OUT everywhere, oh Ulta I thank you!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Props to the home state and other ramblings

yet another amazing etsy find, here!

I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts, up until about 12 I was convinced I'd live in my hometown forever. I'm pretty certain at that time I thought once I got married and had kids I'd still be living in my parents house. After the fun teenage years passed thoughts changed. From then on I hoped I'd move away to a different part of the country. So when Eddie came home after work one night last year and told me he was offered the Seattle/Oregon/Alaska sales territory he received an enthusiastic response from me, as I was pretty excited to try out life in a completely new part of the country with HIM! 

After 2 months into the move, I cried... ALOT! The novelty was up and I realized I was a million miles away from my friends and family. That was a real trying time for me and Eddie, but during that time is when I think we became closer than ever. Now looking back almost a year later, I'm so thankful for the cards life has dealt us so far together! Eventually we will move back to Mass though because quiet frankly Massachusetts is our home, so don't worry Mom!
This print will make such a lovely addition to our new apt walls!

OK moving on... I am SO excited for this weekend mainly Sunday.. and no not because its Super Bowl Sunday! On Sunday, I have a FULL morning/afternoon of appointments at not 1 not 2 but 3 Bridal Salons with two of my lovely ladies... I can't wait to start the morning out with one or two of these!
MMmm.. Mimosas!

and try on some of my new favorite, Pronovias dresses..
ok this dress is pretty, but can we talk about these awkward poses?

ohh and  Happy Chinese New Year!! I plan to celebrate tonight with some Chinese takeout! :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bride Wars

I introduce you to my very first BFF since 2nd grade, and future bridesmaid Kim!

Kim got engaged last Valentines day in Newport RI -ohhh how romantic! As a kid I always dreamed that Kimbo & I would be brides together and I can't believe its actually going to come true!! Kim & her fiance Ray recently set their date for June 22nd, 2012.. you got it ladies, a day shy of 2 weeks after Ed & I say I do on June 9th, 2012!
Kim, I promise I won't sabotage your wedding and play your wild spring break video for everyone to see at your ceremony if you promise you won't die my hair blue! (Gotta LOVE Bride Wars!)

Us w/ my MOH Collette in the middle. Besties since foreverrr.

I attempted to find some of our awkward elementary/junior high photos but sadly I think they are all packed up in a box somewhere from the move. tearr!

I can't wait for all our planning to begin, I'm just sad I'm not in Mass to enjoy it all with her, but we have the phone, oh how we do have the phone!