Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Traveling!

We head HOME for Christmas joining the other 96,000 crazy travelers daily that will be in and out of Seatac airport in the next 2 days. YOWZA. Let the travel gods bless us with an easy boarding! As we all know I am cursed when it comes to traveling!

Since I will be flying from coast to coast at least 5 times in the next year I knew I NEEDED this Audrey Brooke Paramount satchel. It fits all my airplane necessities and will keep them organized! 

This is such a huge upgrade from my usual carry on bag! It would take me AT LEAST 10 mins to locate my dramamine, there was legit like 80 pockets in that bag.. no mas!

Inside the NEW and improved bag you will find MOST of my necessary plane ride items a few things are missing..
Here's the rundown.. binder
2. TJ's trail mix
3. new Hobo rachel clutch (early xmas present from the man!)
4. Roller Ball perfume in Twirl by Kate Spade
5. JUST IN CASE girly items!
6. macbook pro my lil pink baby
7. Eos lip balm
 8. sunnies
9. Spec K meal bar to curb any desire to hit up the on board food!
10. Rick Steves Rome & Amalfi Coast, I plan to have these books highlighted through and through.. wait did I not announce that yet?! ITALY HONEYMOON IS BOOKED! :)
11. Sony E-Reader.. which I am in desperate need of a good book to read! Suggestions puhlease!

Closer look at my wedding binder you ask? 

This pretty pink binder contains all our wedding contracts and is packed with tons and tons of inspiration for our day!

We have a redeye out on Friday, I'm tempted to throw on some fun xmas PJ's for the ride!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Am I still talking about bridesmaid dresses?!

Is it just me or are these days/months just flying by!
We just passed the 6 month mark, holy crap 6 months... till I'm MARRIED!

Ed &  I were talking the other night and we now realize why MANY of our friends advised against long engagements. They just plain stink! We are SOOO ready to be married. 


I went back to Nordstroms to try on the Donna Morgan BM dress that I thought was the one. This time they had the color & size I wanted to try on so I was pumped... too bad it only took 2 seconds for me to catch the fabric in the zipper which ruined the dress.. it had to be CUT off me!  ... WHOOPS. 
So I didn't get to see the dress in the color and size I wanted... 

but I tried on this color, which is purple but looks more purpley-gray in the pic.
I likey but after talking with the saleslady she advised me against this style since its not very flattering on the bustier.
Oy, back to square 1.

(i still love it..)

Discouraged, I made a fall back appointment at JCrew. I know, a lot of brides go the JCrew route, and some may argue its played out.. buttt I ended up finding some dresses and colors I REALLY loved in the silk taffeta material..

Sorta really loving the bright coraly color. It's a new color for JCrew and I'm currently waiting on the swatch, I can't quite remember the exact name. 
Chiffon to Taffeta whats a girl to chooose?!

At least my 2 girls whose wedding I'm in which are AFTER my wedding picked their BM dresses out... <head held low>..

My good friend Kim getting married in July decided on Alfred Angelo dresses. She picked a silk material, cocktail length in a pretty purple. We had a few dresses to choose from and I chose this pretty one shoulder style which I LOVE!
I ordered 2 sizes down from this so it will be much more form fitting!

My friend Kendra who is getting married in September decided on Mori Lee dresses in a silk material, floor length in black with a few styles to choose from.
I tried on these 3 and am having a terrible time deciding which one to order.. 

Before I start to panic on my bridesmaid dresses, I still have one shot left on the 27th when I'm home in Mass. My girls and I are going to my bridal salon to check out their selection of dresses. FINGERS CROSSED I CAN MAKE A DECISION! 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Wish list!

Dear Santa, 
I've been a REALLY good girl this year, I probably deserve everything on my wish list! :)

The orig Toms.. even Eddie has a pair of Toms and I don't, not cool!
Kendra Scott "Danielle" earrings

Hobo "Lauren" I NEED this and can't believe it has been on my "want" list for sooo long without me buying!
Burberry Classic perfume.. I've been searching high and low for a new scent since I drained my current bottle of Burberry Classic. Nothing compares, and I'm sticking with what I love, my "signature" scent! Time to restock!

Winter sweaters/tops. ANY will do. My closet is full of tanks and pants. I am in DESPERATE need of some cold weather tops!
Starting with this pretty little Gap sweater! XS please :)

Stylish ear and hand keeper-warmers! I may've tried this headband on at the JCrew outlet and Eddie may've told me I looked ridiculous but I DON'T CARE its cute and I NEED it!

and these gloves.. easy access to texting while out in the cold!

Thanks big guy! I will be sure to leave you extra cookies this year!