Saturday, January 29, 2011

Picking and Choosing

Falling in love is easy (well not EASY I'm very thankful I found love when I did) Its what comes after that which is a bit tough! Eddie is the most easy going person I have EVER met. ME not so much (my close friends and fam will attest to that!) I'm not even going to get into how much I have grown as a person since meeting Eddie (its been A LOT) but for now I do want to mention one of the lessons I have learned this far in our relationship... to PICK AND CHOOSE our battles. Some things just aren't worth fighting over and I feel like a lot of ladies out there will in point... GOLF!

When it comes to golf, us ladygals need to let them go off and play with their friends even if it means they will miss an afternoon of quality time with us, sometimes boys just NEED to be boys. When they come home they will be all that much more grateful and refreshed (that is if they play a good round, if not I advise you fellow future-wives, wives or girlfriends to HIDE or like I do, head out to the nearest outlet mall)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Apartment!

After a grueling 9 hours of moving and unpacking we are IN our new apartment and I am blogging from my couch with a cup of jo and Bravo on the television! Love me some Bravo 24/7.

Oh I will watch, thank you very much!!

Tabitha's Salon take over is on and she is working on a Newbury Street Salon (stylishly fun Boston street for those of you who are not familiar)!
Newbury Street = LOVEE. oh How i Misss THeeee!

But the real kicker is the salon she is taking over is a Salon I received my BEST hair cut EVER at about 4 years ago. And Also let me mention that this haircut was for FREEE! In my college days (and post college days when I was REALLY broke and looking for a job) I received quiet a few for free haircuts via Craigslist stalking new hairstylists who would post for hair needed in order to show owners etc. their work, and that's where I came in!

So back to the new diggs... new apt means new decorating YAY! Hopefully I can get this apt right cause the last one was not so right.

Debating between these rugs for our front door entry way..

Let me begin by saying I LOVE Urban Outfitters home stuff..and I have to give credit to my Momma because she is the first person who turned me on to this store when the folks would take me to Cambridge for day trips when I was a youngin'.

At first I was set on this one mostly because the half off price tag..

Then I saw this one and LOVEDDDD (god I feel like I LOVE a lot of things don't I?!) But dontcha just love this color..

And THEN, I saw THIS one, and it sums up what I want to say to Eddie every time he has to leave for a few days for work...

Thoughts?! Which one should I purchase?!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday means to me...

The treat of milk in my normally black coffee and wearing my favorite comfy jeans to work! Oh Friday, I heart you and all that you bring in just a few short hours.. the weekend!

Other big Friday news.. the Tory Burch's that I've wanted foreverrrrrr are finally on sale here,.. still hard for me to justify the purchase considering we will be paying a pretty penny for the movers tomorrow morning but hmmm.. dare I indulge??? or even better Mom if your reading this I'm a size 8.5  ;)

... I just received an email notifying me that there's 3 days left in Vicki's Semi-Annual sale w/ free shipping on $25. I may need to start shopping for my Hawaii vacation clothes, new bikini perhaps?!

This one kinda screams Hawaii to me, obviously I love the one that's not on sale, BOOO.

also not on sale, but I LOVE/NEED this romper.

Happy Friday! Hope everyone gets to indulge in some of their favorite things this weekend! :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday! - My First! :)

I'm seeing a lot you girlies doing this what I'm Loving Wednesdays and I enjoy reading each Wednesday so I've decided to join in! Link in w/ Jamie at This Kind of Love here.

What I am loving this Wednesday is:

These over the knee Aldo Boots.. even though they are over a 4" inch heel and I'll look like a GIANT in them they may just have to be in my possession shortly!

I'm loving that the sun was out today and still shining at 4:00 pm when I got out of work so I could take this guy for a nice long, well deserved walk!

I'm loving that we just planned a trip home to Boston for St Patricks day weekend so we can partake  in a little of this with our bestests!

loving these Marc by Marc Jacobs crossbody handbags, loving crossbodys in general!

I'm loving these anthro mugs and the idea to use them for wedding venue decor inspriation found on Hey Gorgeous

I'm really loving that my favorite man is coming home from Alaska tomorrow.. ok, ok he was only gone 2 nights but still!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Lucky in Love, I believe I am!

Love EVERYTHING about these signs. When I stumbled upon this website Chocolate Butterbean today I was in in pure heaven. I want to incorporate horseshoes into some part of our wedding and I think this is the perfect way to do it. I can picture this at our venue, right before the entry way!

You can see how productive I was today from my fun finds, as I also stumbled across wedding dress designer Augusta Jones, here are some of my favs... GORGEOUS.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Surrounded in Boxes and Bubble Wrap

Hope all you lovies have a nice weekend!

I will be surrounded in a lot of this:
Packing up the apt for our move, not a big move just a few miles away from where we are now! I've already done a lot but I'm excited to tackle a lot of the big stuff this weekend. And yes I do mean excited- I love organizing my possessions.. weird I know.
The preparation for this move has been really good for me, I've finally downsized my closet and brought a few bags of clothes to Goodwill. A weight of clothes have been lifted off my shoulders and it feels great, and so necessary too since I'm going from a huge walk in closet to a much smaller one!

Aside from packing I plan to spend a lot of qt time w/ the soon-to-be hubby and Russ. The soon-to-be heads to Alaska for work on Monday for a few days. BOO too that!

and of course we will be cheering for these guys on Sunday:

and I GUESS I will cheer for these guys too:

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thank you, Thank you!

WHOO MEE??!?!?!
Thank you Brynn @ Being Brynn for awarding me this lovely Stylish Blogger Award! She's in the process of planning her wedding too, lovee her blog! :)

once you receive the award you have to list 7 things about yourself.

7 things Yikes!

1. I talk to my pup Russ like a he's a human being while no one's around. I'm pretty certain he knows exactly what I mean when I have my chats with him.

2. I miss my old job terribly, I had to leave it when we made the big move. I worked in employee benefits and it is something I LOVE. I really hope I get back into that field so someday I can be a broker and run my own show!

3. I absolutely HATE being alone. Eddie travels a lot for work so this is something that's starting to get easier for me, but I still would much rather have people around me 24/7! Which relates to #1 I talk to my pup like a human when no one's around, Russ is my little companion.

4. Eddie & I met at a Patriots game... he got kicked out twice for his rowdy behavior... It was love at first sight! ha

This is us tailgating before the game....

Me: # 54, he: last guy on the right!

5. I am borderline wedding obsessed right now, and that's A-OK with me! I've been looking forward to planning this since I can remember.

6. I LOVE attending sporting events even though I'm not the biggest sports fan, it's probably the only time I will ever actually watch a game.

7. I am FINALLY giving Seattle a chance. When we first moved out here I wanted no part of this city, but now it's really starting to grow on me even though its rainy and I can't get my 90 degree beach days in the summer. I am a SUN WORSHIPER!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Seattle Cupcake Show

Over the weekend I attended the Seattle Wedding Show with 2 of my favorite Seattle girls. This was SOO much fun and I was in major wedding overload, in a good way!!! We aren't having our wedding in Seattle (obviously, hence the theme of the blog) but if we were I'm almost positive I would've nailed down all my vendors after this event!

Every other booth was a cupcake vendor, or maybe that's just where my eyes and stomach were gravitating to. Cupcakes = where wedding dessert is at right now! Cupcakes in lieu of a cake is definitely a possibility for our wedding! Cutest & yummiest darn things ever!

Of course there was a fashion show too.

And, after a little BEGGING (sarcasm) from my girls, I even tried on dresses! They had me in some dresses I wouldn't have looked twice at but I ended up really LOVING (did not want to take off!) a few. So now I have appointment #2 booked at Princess Bride Couture Bridal Salon in Bothell (right outside of Seattle)!

Bridal Shows = fun times. I wish I could catch a Boston one!

 Shout out to my favs: thank you girls for taking me and putting me in dresses! xoxox

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Milk Glass, you're so darn purdy!

I have a new found obsession w/ milk glass and I'm pretty certain I'll be incorporating it into our table centerpieces,  I just love the elegant simplicity!

mason jars & milk glass?! I'm pretty sure that equals perfection!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

This Girl's a Little Jealous...

Because I could not say "I'll be getting married this year!" about 2011. I'm so happy for all the girls out there getting hitched this year, but I'm sorry I must admit... I'm a tad very jealous! Ed & I never wanted a long engagement but it was just more practical for us than anything. Our main motive in setting the 2012 date was that we were hoping to be moved back to the east coast by then, but will we? WHO KNOWS! I always thought we'd be out here for 1 yr or 2 yrs max but I'm kinda starting to feel at home in this semi-new city.

Back to the wedding stuff..I wish I could start putting the plans in motion for the wedding but at this point I still have some time before I should really be committing to anything. Although, I am afraid the photographer I have been eyeing is going to get scooped up with all the engagements that happened over Xmas and New Years. My single ladies are dropping like flies!

So for now I will continue checking my favorite wedding blogs, scouring the Knots images, ripping apart wedding mags, and collecting all things wedding in general.

I really need to get over to Barnes & Noble to pick up a better notebook/binder to keep my wedding thoughts in.. image below- my grubby dollar store notebook and my, stolen from work, scribbled on tabs!

To all the 2011 brides, I can't wait to keep reading about your planning and seeing your ideas come together this year! XOXO