Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Collette & Joey Visit Seattle!

My BFF & MOH came to visit me from Boston!
She is funniest and sweetest person I know, and almost as wild as I am. The 2 of us make a dangerously fun pair! 
Seattle weather decided to cooperate for us and we enjoyed some wonderful days in the sun!

Friday we headed to Bainbridge Island. The ferry over there from Seattle is about 20-30 mins and gives you a beautiful view of the city!

With our studly men

After lunch and beers on the island we headed to Pike Place!

We had to show them the famous throwing of the fish!

And I decided to be a tourist in my city and snap a pic with the iconic Public Market Center sign!

We brought them to see the Fremont Troll. Which is quite possibly the most random thing in Seattle, and  there are a LOT of random things in Seattle!

We got dressed up, ate, drank and danced our toushies off on Saturday in Celebration for my friends birthdays!

Happy Birthday Justin & Mark!! these boys turned 28 today!

This morning I said goodbye to my bff who I won't be seeing again until July, but you better believe we made the best of our long weekend together laughing for 4 straight days!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring is FINALLY hitting Seattle!

Eddie's parents were in town this past weekend visiting us from Boston. I am SOO glad we had some sunny days while they were here! 

Saturday morning we headed straight for the Ballard Locks. If you are ever in Seattle it's a really fun attraction to check out! The locks link the Puget Sound w/ Lake Union and Lake Washington. The water level drops and rises to let boats through and there's always a crowd watching on! 

Ed's Mom & I in front of the locks..

There's a viewing area where you can watch the spawning salmon swim by. I never had such an interest in Salmon until moving to Seattle. It's a way of life out here!

Russ is VERY excited for spring weather. Spring weather means many more long walks and outings for this lil guy. 

No trip is complete for our visitors until Eddie & I take you to Columbia Winery. Here's the future in-laws and my hunny tasting some of the delish wine and flatbread pizza that Columbia Winery has to offer!

We had the best time with Eddie's parents in town. So sad to see them leave!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

13 Months!!

13 Months to go! YAY!
ok well not 13 months from today, but 13 months from Monday (the 9th)!
I've been slacking big time in posting. May started off VERY rocky for me, but it can only get better from here! Especially since the next 4 weekends in a row are going to be freaking unbelievably awesome and filled with visitors from Boston, ahem my 2 best friends & soon to be parents-in-law!

Ok back to my month 13 excitement! Month 14's "goal" was for me to try on some more dresses.. huge fail. I didn't even attempt to do this since I have it in my head now that I will find my dress on our trip home in July (we booked our plan tickets yesterday, woohoooo!!) I think buying it in Mass makes the most sense since that's where we'll be getting married.  That way I won't have to lug 10 tons of lace across the country in.....
  13 months!

Since I failed miserably at my month goal, I'll leave you with a pic from my first ever dress trying on experience.
I almost walked outta the store with this Amy Kuschel dress ordered.. it was 100% completely not what I wanted and I'm so glad I didn't end up with it!

Anywayyy.. I don't have a big goal for month 13. I would love to get our florist booked, I know who I would love to ask, I just haven't made the call yet!

Style me pretty had this wedding featured last week, I want to be a huge copy cat and copy EVERY SINGLE DETAIL! ha ok maybe an exaggeration, I do want some of my own ideas thrown into our wedding!

This is the idea I've had in my head for centerpieces even before seeing this beautiful floral spread!

Hanky invites!!!! What a creative idea!

This is the exact color palette I have in mind, except my girls will be sporting short skank-a-liscous dresses! I KIDDD, sorta!

 LOVE the hair. I am currently obsessed with an understated low lying bun with a huge flower!

So, 13 months to go, and this girl is getting more and more excited by each passing month!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

An excuse to drink mucho margaritas


I hope you all get to indulge in your favorite Mexican food & cocktails today! 
For me!? I'll take a bottle or 2 of  these Skinny Girl Margaritas to help wash down my burrito!

So happy more liquor stores are stocking their shelves with these bottles, for a while there they were quite hard to come by! Props to you Bethenny Frankel.. if only I could think of a low-cal bevy and brand it so perfectly, she made like 120 mill on the sale of it! YOWZA!

I love that Cinco de Mayo falls on a Thirsty Thursday this year! ... Wait did I just say Thirsty Thursday?! Yah I'm 26 and I still look forward to Thirsty Thursday like a college kid, soo whatt!!! :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Maui Day 4: Paia

Again, Day 4 started out like the others- I had a few hours in the sun by myself, by this point I was already almost finished with Something Borrowed. I CAN NOT WAIT to get to the theater to see it!! Something Borrowed was such a great beach read!

At around 10ish We headed towards Paia, a cool little surf town. This is the last pit stop on the Road to Hana, we debated doing the ride but many people advised me against it, knowing I have major issues with motion/car sickness! Here is the long line of traffic..

As much as I wanted to see all the amazing sights on the road to Hana, I'm glad we got to explore Paia, where we found my favorite beach in Maui.  We stumbled upon Paia Bay (also referred to as "Baby Beach") since it was walking distance from where we were parked. Baby Beach is right at the edge of town right before you enter Paia.  Here's a glimpse of it, in all its gorgeousness!

We lounged on the beach for a few hours then our bronzed bodies and sandy bums trucked back to the condo to shower up and head over to Beach Bums for dinner yet again! Ok maybe we should've tried a few other places for food throughout the week but Beach Bums was the only place that was walkable, and we were NOT looking to get DUIS in Maui (not like I'm looking to get one anywhere else either)!

Since we decided on having a round or 2 of these guys... I think we made the right decision to walk!

We brought the IRA's to Hawaii! An IRA (Jamison, Bailey's and Creme de Menthe) is Eddie's signature shot. Personally, I think its pretty nasty hence the Jager shot in the front which is mine!

This night my drink of choice was vodka, water & 3 lemons!
It kinda shows.....

This is Eddie & I in front of the the condos we were staying at. I'm pretty sure Eddie got a tad annoyed at me that I made him stop for this pic. My famous last words when someone complains about me taking pictures are "you'll thank me later" I'm not really sure he's thanking me for this one! ha.

I slept like a baby after this night.