Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jack & Jill went down the hill...

A few weekends ago Eddie & I ventured back to Massachusetts for a TOO QUICK weekend that I was SUPER excited for.
Our amazing bridesmaids & groomsmen threw us a Jack & Jill shower!! 

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect party. It was such a great little preview to our wedding reception! I don't think I have ever felt more loved and special and I don't think I ever realized how much my family really does love to dance! (you guys rock!)
 I felt there wasn't enough time in the evening to speak to everyone, eat enough, drink enough, and of course DANCE enough. 

Here are a few highlights from the night

catching up and looking pretty with friends since elementary school!

Umm HELLO cake. My bridesmaid Jocelyn did an AMAZING job picking out this cake. So cute & yummy! I love that she added our colleges.. we both attended state schools in Massachusetts except mine is WAYY better than his ;) 

My adorable flower girls Nina & Gretchen, these girls melt my heart and I miss them sooooo much!!

My mom set up our card table. A cute little suitcase looking box to tie in our theme for our Italian honeymoon fund and some bride and groom flippy floppies!
Bridesmaid Kim put together the gorg bouquet in the back, to the left is actually the mock of MY wedding day bouquet and the right is  my bridesmaids mock bouquet. 
We met our florist Nicole, of Blooms of Hope while were home (actually fresh off the plane after our red eye OY!), she captured our vision for flowers to a T and let us keep the mocks of the bouquets. She won my heart!!

Finding a moment to eat with my fiance! Talk about some freaking gooood food! Catered by The Brick House Cafe. This food is so redic, def a spot that Ed & I miss dearly back home!!

My sweeet sweet mother. She is honestly my freaking rock. Don't know where I'd be without this woman! ...and I'm tots rocking my J.Simps 4 inch heels which is making me look semi-ogarish!

and my far too hip for almost 60 father ;) seriously, without him I'd probably only be a quarter of how cool I am today!

and thats a rap, amazing night, amazing food, amazing friends & family.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bridal Accessories oh my!!!

Oh my GOODNESS words can't express how excited I was to see my face on one of my favorite blogs, Wedding Chicks, today!! Head on over there to check out the great giveaway from Tessa Kim Birdcage Veils and Accessories.

All photo cred goes to Deyla Huss Photography

Ok, so HOW was I lucky enough to partake in this insanely fun stylized photo shoot, shot by Deyla Huss Photography!?

Tessa Kim is based in Seattle (my hood!) so I reached out to her when I heard she was looking for a model for her new 2012 collection pieces.   I was so excited to be a part of this fun shoot for many reasons but the top 2 being: 

1. I got to prance around in wedding dresses
and 2. I got to see all of her gorgeous accessories first hand!

You may've recently seen her accessories on 100 Layer Cakes Pop-up shop as well as many other blogs and wedding mags! She pretty much rocks, and so does photog Deyla Huss (Oregon based).

So head on over to Tessa Kim's website to peruse, while your there you may see a friendly face!

..oh and if your wondering... I ended up picking this beaut for my wedding day hair accessory!
Tessa Kim's Blush Flower fascinator - Opal. Girls go get yo self one! 

and a lil sneak peak from my hair trial from this past weekend..