Friday, February 10, 2012

The Honeymoon!!

Ed & I each had different thoughts about our honeymoon. 
I, from the get go wanted to go somewhere in Europe, he on the other hand, wanted no part in doing any tourist activities and wanted to plant himself on a beach somewhere tropical!
I totally didn't think I'd win this one.. until one afternoon Eddie mentioned Italy. I couldn't believe my ears, but I quickly said HECK YES and the internet searching began!

When we began our planing we started from the last leg of the trip to the first. We knew we wanted to do some relaxing and beaching and found Positano to be the perfect location for that. 
We booked a studio apartment through Summer in Italy for the last week of our trip.
This is the view we will be waking up to that week. EEEEKkk. Perfection!

When it came to booking the first leg I was SOO overwhelmed. How could we ever narrow down where to go in Italy! We knew we needed to bring in the big guns w/ a travel agent. 
Initially I contacted American Express travel they seemed a bit pricey and informal. We had a much better experience when we visited a Triple A Travel Agent. They got us great rates for flights and hotels and really listened to what we wanted to get out of the trip.

Here's the run down on our itinerary:

Monday we arrive in Florence and will be staying at the Best Western Laurus for 2 nights.
It's in great location and has an amazing roof deck.. something I mentioned to our travel agent I reallyyyy wanted in a hotel!
I mean c'mon can't you just see yourself sipping wine on this deck?!

From Florence we will take the train to Rome staying 3 nights at the Hotel Quirinale.
Train, boat, bus (its a heck of a trip) to get to Positano for 6 nights to stay in our little Villa!
Train back to Rome for one last night at the Marriott by the airport. 

Phew I am beyond pumped for this trip, I couldn't think of a better way to spend our first few weeks as husband and wife!!

We actually made a honeymoon registry through Honeyfund. It just seemed way more practical for us than registering for household things since we do plan to move back East sooner than later and I don't plan on taking much back with us when we make that move!
Making our honeymoon registry was fun too, it made me get on the ball and find all the activities and sights we wanted to see. Its super simple to give a gift, you just select the gift you want and it will prompt you to print a certificate out and bam your done!