Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dressing the MEN!

What a relaxing Thanksgiving weekend in our household!

I was a bit cranky in Seattle since we were not to be able to spend the holiday with our family back in Mass BUT we definitely made the best of it, enjoying a LOT of down time from the madness of our lives!

We went to a friends house for a lovely Prime Rib dinner on Turkey Day. Yah no Turkey was had here! 

We walked Russ a bunch, hit up the gym a few times, ate Chinese and swung by Mens Wearhouse to pick out Eddie's and the Groomsmen's tux! 
Hey, at least we got one thing accomplished this weekend!

Check out my fine man..

OK a few things... We decided on Men's Wearhouse because they make it SO easy for the men, since there are literally a bagilion stores around the country and they are REALLY affordable. BUTT the whole experience with the picking of the tux and accessories wasn't all that great. First off they don't have any Tux's for you to try on nor do they have any of the other rental pieces so it is extremely hard to get a good visual. I did also feel like they were pushing buying suits rather than renting tux's. I knew what I liked going into the appointment so I was getting very frustrated when I was trying to be lead into a different direction. 
I love our final decision which is similar to the above picture of Eddie. He's wearing a similar suit to what the Tux will look like with an ivory shirt, black tie, and charcoal vest. The Groomsmen will wear everything the same as Eddie but with a black vest.  
BAM! another check off our to-do list!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tan in a can amazingness

So, when I'm not spending all my dough on a Versa Spray Tan...

I am spraying myself down with this wondrous self tanner.

I am giving this the tan-aholic's 2 thumbs up. This stuff is redic and is totally fool proof. I spray every few days after I get out of the shower just to give myself a little glow. You legit just wave this little bottle over your body and you are a bronzed goddess, and it smells pretty darn good too for a spray tan!
Its pricey but worth it, I really am FINALLY putting my foot down and kissing the tanning bed days goodbye and St. Tropez has helped wean me off my faking and baking ways. 

Ok I know this post is a bit redic, I mean, am I REALLY talking about a spray tan changing my life. YUP sure am ;)

Run don't walk to Sephora

Here I am sporting my St. Tropez Spray Tan on my Bday! Not the best pic of me but HEY you get the picture! 

disclaimer: I think the Seattle November weather (RAIN, DARKNESS, and MORE RAIN) has REALLY gone to my head as I may've just done a double coat of spray tan all over my body.. my co-workers tomorrow are probably going to think I rolled around in mud before work. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

a ring to wear FOREVER

I never thought I was going to find a wedding band I loved. I LOVE my engagement ring that Ed had custom made and I didn't think I'd find anything that would fit along side it perfectly enough.
 UNTIL I randomly walked into a Ben Bridge all by my lonesome one Saturday morning and met Saleslady Laura. Who is now my favorite person ever. She was SOO patient and helpful. I really wanted just a simple band straight diamond-y band, I was DEAD set against the curve type bands. DEAD set against. I'm not quite sure why but I had a serious vendetta on that style from the get-go, Laura slowly eased me into the idea since a straight band would not lay flat against my ring.

And now here I am with a new contour wedding band ring sitting on my dresser that I can't touch for 7 more months.

 so here it is the shiny sister to my engagement ring!

It's only a slight curve so I can actually pull off wearing it without my engagment ring, which was one of the things I wanted in a wedding band. We ordered Eddie's band as well but that won't be in for a few more weeks.

In other exciting news..... I just made an appointment for MY FIRST DRESS FITTINGGG!! :) I called my bridal salon in Mass yesterday and was told my dress WOULD NOT be in in time for my visit home in December and that it wouldn't be in until FEBRUARY! That woulda been 8 whole months after I ordered it! I just about lost it and had a mini panic attack while talking with the girl on the phone. I think she sensed my urgency as she called me this morning telling me they'd have it in before Christmas and scheduled me in for an appointment! Allegria Bridal- you are my hero!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dressing my pretties!

I ventured downtown today to check out bridesmaid dresses. 
I must admit not being able to make a fun day of trying on dresses with my bridesmaids really gets me down.. in a major way. BUT decisions need to be made so I need to make my situation work. 
I headed to Nordstroms to look for this Donna Morgan dress for my girls..

and putting my Maid of Honor in this one.. 

They are both Donna Morgan dresses and although the shades look different in the above pics they are actually the same color. 
Nordstrom's only had the dress in a size 10 so here's the best pics I could get with holding as much of the dress back as I could.

Awkward length right?
 I still LOVE this dress and I'm thinking if I was actually wearing the right size it may not be as awkward of a length OR if need be we could hem it up a bit.

They had the same dress in a smaller size in this bright blue color that which I LOVE but it is SO not the color scheme we have in mind for our wedding.

I also like this Monique Lluiller dress
They only had it in a size 10..which again gave the awkward length..

this was a 4.. which fit much better and hit right above the knee. 

I liked all of these dresses a lot. When showing Ed he preferred the first one. 

Opinions please!!!!

I really think finding a dress for my girls has been a harder decision than finding my wedding dress!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy 2-7 to me!

So, I turned 27 over the weekend.. to say that aging scares the crap outta me is an understatement! And to think this time next year I will be an OLD married lady! ;) YIKES!

Anyway. paranoia of old age aside, I had an amazing birthday in Seattle with some of my very best friends!

I even indulged in some birthday cupcakes, sorry wedding diet!

and bday jello shots!

Jello shots which lead to a photo shoot in my kitchen with random items around my apt...

and then dancing with werewolves!!!

The big 2-7 did me good as I was pretty spoiled.. 

Exhibit A, what my lonely right hand ring finger now adorns, a Mr. Yurman beauty, thanks to my fiance!

My girlfriends also spoiled me with a gift card to my ALL time favorite place to spend $$ Sephora! OHhh they know me too well! Along with gifting me my new favorite makeup obsession 
Touche Eclat, face highlighter perfection. 

Spoiled I tell yah!...Mom & Dad sent me my face's new BFF the Clarisonic Mia! I have used it for just a few days now and my skin is thanking me already!

27 was a bday for the books and I have all the amazing people in my life to thank for that!

Especially this guy... because as much as it sucks to grow old, at least I'm growing old with him!

outfit deets!!! target boots w/ an H&M dress