Sunday, January 6, 2013


Happy New Year to you all!
I've been terribly busy lately, err uhh not really.

My Christmas was pretty stanking amazing. It's crazy to think that 5 months ago we didn't even think we'd make the trip from Washington to Massachusetts for the Christmas holiday, and here we are all moved back to the East coast!
The holiday was filled with family, friends, food and booze… 4 nouns that go together better than non other! Eddie & I exchanged our ornaments, our Christmas tradition, I have to say he outdid me this time.. look at this gem!

After the New Year I had one full week off where I was in between jobs! Tomorrow I start my new gig in downtown Boston. I am SOOO very thankful I landed an amazing job so quickly and I am really excited to dive right in. I'll be working in an employee benefits firm which is similar to what I was doing before I moved to Seattle. A lot has changed and evolved in the industry in the past 3 years so hopefully I catch up quick!

I hope to get back into the routine of things shortly, until then…

My brother put this great video together from our New Years spent at Sunday River in Maine!