Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The search for a dress I can shake it in!

As I mentioned in a previous post I'm nearing the day when I will be trying on my first wedding dress. *squeals of joy* I have absolutely no idea what sort of dress would look best on my body type- I need to do some researching on that. I do know that I don't want a heavy dress that will make it hard for me to shake my booty on the dance floor! Here are some of my favorites so far.

I think I just LOVE her hair in this picture
Aivina Valenta


JLM Blush

Aivina Valenta

 My favorite!!!

Jenny Packham

and no not because Miley wore it... ;)


  1. All of them are gorgeous! Have an amazing time trying them on... you will look beautiful no matter what :) PS. love the hair in that picture, too!

  2. We have eerily similar dress taste! I am going for the same simple elegant classic taste too :)