Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Maids in RASPBERRY!

While I was home over Christmas I got all my bridesmaids together for a fun (ha yah right) day of dress trying on. Don't get me wrong there is nothing I enjoy more than my best girlfriends company but finding the perfect bridesmaid dress for them has been my least favorite wedding activity! 

I know they would all look great in ANYTHING but I couldn't decide what color, material, length etc I wanted. 
So I went from this idea, soft pink chiffon by Donna Morgan..

To this Jim Hjlem .. silky taffeta in raspberry.

I think all of the ladies will wear this dress fabulously and I'm super excited that I added this burst of color to the day!

Here's my maid of honor Collette, sporting it!

This pic gives a better idea of the color..

Happy Bridesmaids (minus 2)...and no, I'm not nakie here.. I had my wedding dress onnn. EEEE :)

Which brings me to today!
While out racking up the Visa bill, I stumbled upon these in Forever 21. 

At only $2.50 each I couldn't help but scoop them up! I think these will look great in my ladies hair!
(they are much more pinky in person and not that reddish).

Soooo glad I have this one crossed off the list and I think all of the girls are happy.. I HOPE! :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow day!!

Seattle was legit on lockdown today!
It was glorious.. sleeping in and catching up on my favorite wedding blogs in bed! GLORIOUS!
I also made this delish and easy banana bread that was wayyy too good and easy not to share.

All you need is this Trader Joe's box, 2 eggs, water and some vegetable oil! 
TJ's definitely can not steer you wrong w/ their mix's so far I have tried and loved their brownies and cornbread mix! YUM. 

We ventured out around lunch time to grab some food and let Russ play in the snow. 
Walking around outside was so pretty, the snow was hardly touched and bright white, not much was shoveled or plowed! 
Unlike in New England where they have plows going from the moment the snow hits the ground making it a yucky brown mess on the streets and sidewalks.

You would think Russ was from Alaska the way he was loving the snow today!

Skiing and snowboarding down Dravus street.. sure why not! When life hands you lemons you make lemonade!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

choosing what I plan to SMASH in Eddie's face!

I think I am ok with the whole cake face smashing tradition. Maybe not quite a whole smash, but a baby smoooosh would be great, just enough to get a little messy! 

While home we got a few checks off the wedding list!
One, yummy check being, ordering the wedding cake!

Ed & I initially didn't want a cake and planned to have a sundae bar but after some thought, we went the traditional route of having a cake! It wasn't too hard of a decision as to where to get the cake once we made that decision. In Boston there are basically 2 bakeries that "take the cake" (in my opinion!) There's Konditor Meister & Montilio's
People raveeee about Konditor Meister but I've never been a huge fan, so there we go, decision made Montilio's it is!

 These LARGE pieces of cake didn't last very long..

Initially I thought we'd only choose one flavor, our venue recommends this because people will not have the option to choose the flavor when its being served. 
WHOOPSIES. How could we pick JUST ONE?! 

Our Cake will be 4 tiers with a buttercream frosting!
Top tier will be marble cake with mocha fudge truffle. OH YUM...for Ed & I only as it will be whisked away for our 1 year anniversary after the cake is cut...
Next 2 tiers will be white cake w/ espresso, ricotta & chocolate chip, yum yum yumm.. 
Bottom tier will be gold cake with strawberries and Grand Marnier, this one was my personal fav!

I went to the appointment with a few inspiration pictures, but my request was pretty easy, I wanted a cake with a homemade-looking feel... the saleslady said this is the request of most of their brides lately....wait and I thought I was being all original?! ;). Still, I love the look of this cake and can't wait to see what they come up with!

She convinced me to add a little pizzaz by adding a ribbon along the bottom of each tier. 
The ribbon will be much thinner than the below pic... but gasppppp... this will be the color of the ribbon!!

We have added this bright raspberry color to our prior muted color scheme!!! and I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty excited to introduce this pop of color to our day!

At this point I want our cake topper to resemble this below picture, but with all the cute cake toppers out there, this could also change!

..because wouldn't this be such a cute option as well?!?! 

Monday, January 2, 2012

My QUICK Holiday Recap!

Holy heck what a whirlwind these past few weeks have been!
December came and went in a blink of an eye!

The holiday season began with Russ getting a fresh cut.


Ed pulled out his holiday best to attend a yankee swap hosted by our close friends!

We attended a Holiday Party at the Rainer Club. The Rainer Club is gorgeous and would be a perfect wedding venue in Seattle!
I wore a Forever 21 jumper that will probably never leave my closet again.. it was really cute but when in my life will I ever wear a gold and black jumper?!

The party was a work thing for Eddie. I am SOO thankful I have Megan to partner up with at these things since our men work together!

We enjoyed a lovely evening at the Art of Table (AHHMAZING) for my work holiday party.

.. I tried out red lips for the first time just for the occasion!

My company is pretty small which makes for great intimate office parties!

also another first...  eating DUCK! Chef Dustin prepared it delish, along with the rest of our 5 courses!

Visited HOME for the holidays!

It was so nice to have all us all together, my bother lives in London so it's always awesome when we both can get home at the same time!

Santa left these hats in our stockings! They all have Red Sox or Patriots logos. Good gift Mom, err I mean SANTA!

We headed back to Seattle before New Years Eve and met up with these love ladies and their men at Barolo for an amazing NYE dinner!

Notice one of my wish list gifts!! Kendra Scott earrings hanging from my lobes!! :)

Cheers to 2012!!!!