Monday, December 27, 2010

I'll see you next year Saint Nick!

So Christmas is over but I have a full week off to relax and act like a tourist around Seattle with my family. There's so much that Eddie & I haven't seen around the city yet so I'm excited! Of course I plan to do A LOT of shopping too. I have the itch for a new purse big time!

In other big news the first day of dress trying on commenced yesterday! My Mom and I had such a fun time. She got me a Flip Video for Xmas so we were able to video some of the appointment so I can share it with my beloved bridesmaids. I wish they could've been there although I must admit trying on dresses is sort of an awkward experience! I found it a little hard to critique myself in the mirror while people were looking at me, and there was only my mom, the salesperson and the assistant in the boutique so god knows how I would've felt if I had my whole bridal entourage there! I did find 2 dresses that I loved. One of them I posted a picture of in a previous post, but as of now it's a contender for "the one" so I will not disclose which dress it was! I still have so much time until the wedding, probably won't make the big purchase for another few months.

 I leave you with a picture of me in all my awkwardness glory.. this dress was unflattering on me- the mermaid style does not work. My mom said this is the face I make to a T when I dislike something. I can never hide my expression, EVER so if your annoying me, I don't like something etc. you can read it from my face! Excuse the stringy icky hair- it's Seattle people -we got poured on walking to the store.

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  1. hahaha Frank! This is so your face when you don't like something and I have definitely seen it many times before!