Thursday, November 18, 2010

London is for Lovers

What better way to celebrate July 4th than in the UK right?! This past July (seems so darn far away now, eek) we spent an unforgettable week in London visiting my older brother Colin.

 The first 2 days were spent running a muck around the city. I could not leave London without a pic in a red telephone booth! This was taken after a July 4th BBQ where we had a few too many "American" beers and of course a few pitchers of our drink of the week Pims! Far left my very handsome brudder, moii in my oh so londonesque dress, & Eddie

Day 3- July 5th bright and early we began the 5 hour drive southish (forgive me I am terrible w/ Geography!!) to Newquay, Cornwall. Newquay is a surf town full of beautiful people and beaches. After the quick 5 hour drive, I snoozed the whole time so it definitely was a quick one, we dropped off our bags at the beach side hostel and were off to check out the town and dine on some good Conrnwall eats.

Before we knew it the sun was about to set so we headed back towards the hostel to catch it on the beach. I was a little peeved when my brother said he was beat and was heading back to take a nap (how dare you nap on our vacation!) After a few comments from moi we trotted on, well not really a trot it was a pretty steep hill to the beach so it was more of a slow paced walk- thank goodness we made it in time for the sunset!
because a few moments later I had THIS on my pretty lil finger:

Colin was not too far at the beach bar waiting to celebrate with us and lend us his phone so we could call the parents! This was such a great memory that I will always hold in my heart.

The rest of the time in Newquay was very relaxing for me at least, the boys tried sufering but I opt'd out. What if my ring fell off my finger in the ocean?! ...After an amazing 2 night stay we headed back to London with a quick stop in Bath.

Back in London we didn't have too many days left to take on the city but we tried our hardest to see and do most the things on our list.

The London Eye!

Les Miserables

The Tower of London
and of course drink tons and tons of Pims!
And there you have it! The story of the proposal and our trip to London! xoxo

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  1. Wayy cool. My husband and I did the same thing for our honeymoon! What amazing memories of the proposal... and SO darn sweet! Love the pics. I love London!