Sunday, November 7, 2010

Meet Russ

Ed's off watching the Patriots game downtown so I'm cuddling with Russ and his monkey for the morning/afternoon watching trashy tv shows. I can't even describe the love I have for this little guy- god help me when we have kids because I baby him like crazy -I can't imagine how ridiculous I will be with a child. Well anyway.. here's Russ's story. We'd talked about getting a dog for a while but we never really actively looked. One random Saturday morning I found out Ginger's Pet Rescue was holding an adoption event at a Petco not too far from us. So we decided to go -not thinking we'd be leaving with a pup. We hadn't ever heard about Ginger's Pet Rescue but found out they specialize in "death row" dogs. Most of the dogs at this event were rescued from puppy mills (don't know much about puppy mills? go to Ginger's site and read) Ginger's Pet Rescue = GREAT organization! There were about a dozen our so dogs when we walked into Petco all so cute and helpless which was so sad. Russ was the second dog we sat with and right off the bat Ed knew he was OUR dog. He was the only dog that hadn't been groomed - matted fur and stinking of something TERRIBLE. We played with timid Russ for an hour before we decided there was no way we were leaving without him. We were told he was around 4, a miniature poodle, the daddy at the puppy mill then we were on our way.

Love at first sight
 We've had Russ since April and he has come a LONG way from the timid scared pup who wouldn't wag his tail for weeks. We were told that some puppy mill dogs never fully come around and won't ever like to be pet or cuddled- luckily Russ is not one of them. He's a happy lil guy now and is reliving his puppy days the right way and loving life (so I like to think!).

Trying to figure out a fun way to incorporate him into our wedding day- not sure if our church will allow him to trot down the isle as our ring bearer ;).

Hope everyone out there is having a relaxing Sunday like me!

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