Friday, November 12, 2010

Our Song

 My head is filled with ideas for our wedding and I am beyond indecisive. This is OK because The Knot tells me we have 576 days to go- plenty of time to put all these ideas together! There is one thing that we didn't even have to think about which is, the first song we will dance to as husband and wife.

When I think of moments like this:

This song plays in my head:

Pearl Jam's Just Breathe

I have to add that I have the most amazingly talented father in the world. He surprised Eddie & I and played this song for us at our engagement party. I told my mom a few weeks after we got engaged that this was our song and I had no idea my dad knew.

My dad & our friend Frank (also one of Ed's groomsmen) jamming out for us at the engagement party.


  1. So cute!! Your dad must be amazing... I have always wished I could play music and sing!

  2. thanks!! unfortunately my brother got my dad's musical genes not me- I wish I could play music and sing too!