Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jen & Mike's Jersey Wedding

Jen is a great friend of mine who I met in college (lets go UMASS!) I had the pleasure of talking to Jen pretty much daily while she was planning her big wedding day. She had so many great ideas and I loved hearing all about it, she's one of my main sources for wedding advice now. I wanted to share some of my favorite photos from her & Mike's big day!
Photos by Sean Patrick Photography

I love that Jen got ready at her parents house. Right now its not in my plans but I think it would be great to get ready in the bedroom I grew up in!

flowers by Floral Sentiments

I'm a Red Sox fan so I can't believe I'm putting this picture on here - BUT I love the idea of representing your sports team- and for Jen, the Yankees are her #1.

Eddie & I have been saving corks since we moved out to Seattle. Needless to say we have a lot, I hope to incorporate wine corks into our reception. Jen made these!

Tall centerpieces w/ candy apple favors. A fitting favor for an October wedding
I love the ring shot. Jacin at She Said Yes blogged that you should make a list of all the pictures you want your photographer to take, this one will definitely be included in my list!

This picture just brings such a smile to my face! Jen with her maid of honor who is also the sister of her new hubby.

Jen was a BEAUTIFUL bride. I loved that her & Mike's personality shined through all the little details of their day!


  1. You are too cute! I love the post =) Now we begin planning your big day!!! Can't wait for the endless emails and gchats! Wahoooo

  2. Wow, she looks beautiful. And I love your idea about getting ready in the bedroom you grew up in - so special and SO sweet :)