Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Seattle Thanksgiving

Well its been quite an eventful few days. The city of Seattle pretty much shut down due to snow which left me, the brave new englander, the only person to make it into the office. The only thing that made me nervous driving in the 2 inches of snow was the other crazy drivers and bikers and by bikers I am talking  bicycle bikes. There were actually people riding them in the snow! Well needless to say it was a slow work week. This was Russ's first snow- and he was pretty jacked up about it

Wednesday night we ate at one of our favorite restaurants Bizarro - which was featured on Food Network's Diners Drive-ins and Dives! We woke up early on Thanksgiving day to watch the Pats and start our cooking. Thanksgiving dinner was at our good friend's Kendra and Justin's. We were in charge of the potatoes. I made this yummy (if I don't say so myself!) sweet potato dish and of course one of the staples at all turkey-day dinners, your classic mashed. I was so proud of the 6 of us for pulling off our first Thanksgiving without adult supervision (I'm sorry I still can not refer to myself as an adult ha). First Thanksgiving in Seattle = success. I am so glad I had these people to share it with!

Last night we headed to Bellevue to catch Kevin Nealon. Weeds is one of Eddie & I's favorite shows so we were pretty pumped when we heard he was coming to town.

Now I just need to fit in some shopping to make my week complete!

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  1. So fun... can't believe all of the snow, that's just crazy! Hope you find some time to shop :)