Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wedding MishMash

Images I have been saving on my work comp. Sorry I can't give any photo credit.. but I'm sure the majority of these can be found on Style Me Pretty.

Hot shoes and fluffy flowers = heaven

I never thought I would like this lavenderish color but these ladies pull it off beautifully! Anddd I love the brides dress!

Gorgeously simple hair, LOVE the huge flower.

Our venue will be DECKED in votives i hope! Add some lace to them, don't mind if I doo!

LOVE this cake,  I want to have one very simple like this. Eddie wants a Sundae Bar so I don't want to fuss/ spend buco bucks on a cake.

LOVE this idea for favors. I would fill these little burlap sacks with choc covered espresso beans. YUM.

I LOVE the circle menu in the bottom pic

Hopefully we can come up with something as crafty as this for our seating chart!

Off to Maui for the week where I will undoubtedly be day dreaming on the beach daily of these lovely wedding images!


  1. That type of personalized seating chart is super trendy right now! I LOVE the whole "in an elegant picture frame" thing. I'm actually doing something ALMOST exactly like that for a bride right now! Been following your blog! You have great taste!!!! :)

  2. Ohhh we have such similar tastes girlfriend :) I love all the images you picked out. And Maui!! Amazing. Enjoy your time love! xo