Saturday, April 23, 2011

Maui Day 1: Aloha

The flight to Maui was painless, mostly because we knew what was ahead. My flight necessities (ereader, iphone, mai tais & bunny cheese its) really helped the flight speed by as well! Anyone who does not own some sort of e-reader one must go out and buy one asap! I had a fully loaded reader for the trip and loved how easy it was to bring with me everywhere we went. 

We arrived in Maui a little after noon, grabbed a taxi and headed to the condo in Maalea. The condo is owned by a financial advisor Eddie works with, it was a gem! Staying in a Condo seems like the most ideal way to experience the island!

Upon arrival the girls unpacked a little while the boys headed straight for the supermarket to load up on the necessities for the week: beer, margarita mix/tequila, and cheese & crackers.
Loved having a Kitchen, and there was a washer and dryer in there! woohoo!

I had my morning coffee here each morning, not a bad way to start the day!

After stocking the kitchen we lounged by the pool for a bit..

* This is when I realized the battery in my camera does not keep a charge anymore. SAD FACE. In order to keep it charged I can't keep the battery in the camera when I'm not snapping pics. OH wells. At least I found a solution for the trip! 

After a good soaking in the pool and a few Corona's later we headed to a near by restaurant Beach Bums for Dinner. Beach Bums is a great chill spot and they have someone playing music every night of the week, needless to say we spent a lot of time there!

Our partners in paradise for the week were Jimmy & Courtney. Jimmy is Eddie's childhood best friend and will be his best man in our wedding! Jimmy & Courtney were married right before Eddie & I met, tearrr I couldn't be at their wedding! They are amazing people, and I am soooo glad we have them in our lives! Even more glad they came to Hawaii with us!!

Eddie & I after Beach Bums.. I'm sporting a dress from Forever 21 that was 50% off so I think I spent a whopping 7 bucks on it.. STEAL! He's sporting a Tommy Bahama shirt, don't we coordinate so well ;) dorks!

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  1. Looks like so much fun... i love your little set up for the flight :) I LOVE Maui!!