Wednesday, March 9, 2011

15 months away and thoughts on booking a photog!


YAYY 15 months! This expression is more like it!

In 15 months from today I will be marrying my loverboy! 


I'm setting a goal for us this month: BOOK THE PHOTOGRAPHER. 

We need to take advantage of the perks of a long engagement, we have our pick of all the vendors out there. Which is amazing/overwhelming because there are SO many talented people. How do you pick just one, especially when it comes to a photographer!
Pictures are the last thing I want to skimp on, but with that being said, the wedding budget isn't that humongous that we should be dropping serious dough on them!
The style photographer I'm looking for is one that takes a journalistic approach.
 Today I have the morning off, thanks to whoever was responsible for the power outage at my work! With my morning freedom I've been scouring the internet for Boston wedding photographers but I keep coming back to the 2 that I found months ago. One is at the higher end of the budget and the other is pretty reasonable for her amazing work. 

This is going to be one HARD decision so giving us a deadline is a good thing or else I'll put it off foreverr and miss out on having our pick!

And the deadlines begin, I'm sure I will be making more deadlines for us in the months to follow! Eddie better get excited!


  1. Oh, girl, trust me it will go by so fast! We had an 18 month engagement and now we're down to 2 months! You are so right about a long engagement. You totally have the time to pick your vendors and to pick the ones you LOVE. Check out Gabriel-Boone Photography (they're in Seattle & Portland. I live in Portland & they were a runner up for us!) you might like them. Most of all though, enjoy this time! :)Before you know it you'll be walking down the aisle! :)

  2. Will you believe that I chose our photographer before I chose anything else? {Literally--she came with us on our site visit...kind of hilarious!} Anything I can do for you on the ground here in New England? Send me the photogs you're looking at--I'm so excited for you! xoxo {av}

  3. Ahhh! 15 months will go by so fast! :) The photographer was definitely the one thing I wanted the best of the best! Since you have some time I would recommend meeting with as many people as you can stand....cuz you want to make sure personalities mesh so you're comfortable around them on the big day! Can't wait to follow along!

  4. I love Jessica Feely Photography, she is a Seattle photographer & she is amazing!!!...

  5. So exciting... 15 months, girl, it will be here before you know it! ;) If you are going to cut expenses, don't do it on the photographer. Remember, this is the one thing about your day that you will have in 20 years!! I am sure you will pick someone fabulous, though!

  6. love your style!
    you´re so cute...