Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Recap in SHOPPING

This weekend was a shopping weekend for the books!

Best purchase hands down:

We got a Keurig, which was SO necessary since I am ADDICTED to coffee and we haven't had a coffee pot since our move at the end of January. 
We decided on the Keurig Elite model which is like their mid to low-line coffee maker. There were so many to choose from! The Elite meets our needs perfectly though!
Favorite flavor is Wild Mtn Blueberry, if you haven't tried it your missing out big time!

Moving on to some NECESSITY shopping for Hawaii in whatt 10 days!! OH BOY. 
Don't love these sandals but since Russ chewed up my white sandals from last year I had to take what I  could I could get in these cheapies.

Headed over to Forever 21 and got these cheapies also, wicked cute and surprisingly comfy, just hoping they don't fall apart on me after the 2nd day in Maui
Also got a maxi dress form Forever which was 50% off, can't find it on the website though. Forever having things on sale baffles me I can't believe things there can get any cheaper! And a few other pairs of shorts and cheap jewls were purchased.

I am officially banned from Vickies indefinitely I saw this romper and couldn't pass it up!

and of course this neon bikini was NECESSARY to go with it

I received an email this morning that Sephora is now carrying BP products and I just so happened to want to try the BP Thickening Serum so while at UVillage I grabbed it up
HOPEFULLY it works to thicken my baby fine hair.

Also grabbed this Philosophy Lip Gloss in Melon Daiquiri & I LOVE It. Not too goopey and stays on long for lip gloss standards.

Clearly the gloss had no competition tonight with the red wine I consumed at Tutta Bella.
Here I am with wino Lips while waiting for Eddie to run into QFC to purchase me MORE wine...Thank you SOON to be hubbie!



  1. i love the cheapy flips,
    you and i both go through so many each summer!

    tell me about b&b- im dying to try!

  2. also your insane! you have a million bathingsuits!
    come back to boston and share! is that gross? haha i dont care

  3. hi girl! thanks for the follow! :) following you now

    that romper is suppaa cute! i love vickies. I find myself going in there every damn time i go to the mall..i have to stop myself!

    xoxo cant wait to read more!

  4. i love our keurig! i love using it for hot chocolate in the winter! it's come in very handy this particular winter...

    and that bathing suit is SO cute!