Sunday, February 20, 2011

iPhone = Love

So this past week my droid found itself suddenly not working (well maybe not suddenly, I may've inflected some harm on it). ANYWAY it worked out in my favor because I found out I was eligible for an upgrade so I got the iPhone 4. This thing has been glued to my hand since I purchased! I am in iphone LOVE, highly recommend this little gadget. Eddie also gave me the Sony ereader for Valentines day so I am one happy techy girl right now. The first book on my list is The Help. Yay can't wait to finally get back into reading, I've taken quite a hiatus!

A little weekend recap in pictures thanks to the new iPhone!

We hit up Purple wine bar w/ good friends on Friday night. Always an amazing and hilarious time with these 2. 

Saturday morning I woke up and decided I wanted to sort through my summer clothes and bathing suits in preparation for Maui ( which is in 52 days, I know this thanks to my countdown app)! 
I've realized I have FAR too many bathing suits and I am banned from even going on the Vickies website EVER again- LIES! I narrowed it down to 10 suits that I HAVE to bring w/ me to Hawaii. Guess I'll be doing mid morning suit changes! 
Here are my top 10 :)

I also found this cute little cover up that I purchased last summer and never wore

find it here 

Once I finished my beach fashion show for Eddie we headed over to Dad Watson's for some lunch and beers. Had to get the sampler- I'm a sucker for a good beer sampler.

Eddie got up early to golf this morning, when Eddie golfs I shop. It's my rule ;) 
SO I headed over to one of my favorite stores, Target! When I go to Target I usually try to not grab a basket to put my findings in, that way I only buy as much as I can carry.. Today I was bad, I loaded a basket to the brim with goodies! 

I got this cute little hurricane candle holder and sand filler for my beloved makeup brushes. 

Rompers are my most favorite articles of clothing in the world! I had to snatch this one up at a steal only $19 bucks! Ohhh Target that's why I love you!

I've been dying for a cute floppy hat for the beach and I found this little gem also a great steal!

It's really quite large and floppy but its super cute and it will be perfect to protect my goldy locks and face from the sun!

That was my weekend, hate to see it go! 
I am unwinding tonight with a glass of wine and watching the Social Network. 


  1. I try to buy one Bathing Suit a year..then go through all my old ones and get rid of one or two that I just don't wear anymore. love the polka dot yellow one!

  2. A. I want your bathing suit collection.
    B. I NEED that cover up! So cute!

  3. I love my iphone... with a passion!!! :) I just downloaded that countdown app, too - good one! You have so many cute suits... and I am thinking I might buy a romper, they are so cute on you!

  4. I'm in the same boat with the Verizon Droid and .... I have an upgrade. Decisions decisions!! Love your target run as it gets me every time!

  5. my suit collection looks a lot like yours! I ordered a new suit though from vs though, i just couldn't help myself. that orange cover-up looks FABULOUS on you! i can't believe you haven't worn it!

  6. I am so glad I am not flying solo on this one! I mean, my iPhone 5 never left my pocket the day I purchased it. I am so in love with this gadget, I bought 3 different cases and had a screen protector put on it last week. Love these photos, by the way! =D

    Venus Eckert