Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Recap- a whole lotta Seattle fun

I had a pretty darn good weekend!

Friday night was happy hour @ Daniel's. Daniel's has one of the best happy hours in Seattle we ordered SO much food and the bill was sooo legit. I swear nothing makes me happier than a high class dinner on a poor man's budget. 

Meg & I thought it was a great idea to start out with a Bombay Sapphire Martini. BAD call, that thing was N to the ASTY. Didn't stop me from drinking it though! 

I decided to be all fancy and curl my hair up. My hair is not something I am very good at doing, its so baby thin and straight so it can be very frustrating to style. Kind of embarrassing to admit BUT I had to watch a tutorial on YouTube to figure out to properly curl my hair, god I love the internet- you can find ANYTHING. 

Moving right along to Saturday... Ed & I took in an extra fur baby for the week. We are watching Ed's Uncles dog, Tito. He and Russ have quickly turned into BFF's. And I have quickly realized that 2 dogs is A LOT OF WORK. No more begging for a brother or sister for Russ. 

Moving right along to Saturday night. We hit up a dive in the U district, Blue Moon Tavern, for our friend Andrew's birthday festivities. 
I had to whip out my pleather leggings that I've had since 2 Halloween's ago when I bought them for our Sandy & Danny costume. 

Before we knew it we had a pug in our laps.. wait what?! 

Random, I know. 

Even more random, this guy to the left of the stage.. only in Seattle. 


  1. Oh this made me so happy to read as only in Seattle ... a lot of things happen!!! Bahaha, love the curls girl. I can relate with baby fine, straight, boring locks!

  2. Aww 2 dogs are a breeze once you get them on the same schedule, like!

  3. looks like such a great time!