Monday, February 14, 2011

My first ENGAGED Valentines!

Happy Valentines Day!

I was a lucky girl this Valentines day WEEKEND ( love when V-day falls near a weekend you can make a whole 3-4 days out of the holiday). I was lucky for a few reasons, the obvious being -spending it with my LOVE, and also because he surprised me with a scenic tour above Seattle!

Eddie rode Co-pilot

The water, oh the water is a huge reason why I LOVE Seattle. If only I could bring the NE beaches here.

The Space Needle - which I have yet to get to the top of.

A happy girl in the sky!

After the plane ride we headed downtown to Pacific Place, I often suggest Pacific Place when Eddie wants to go see a movie. Sneaky of me because my hidden motive is shopping in the amazing stores located there before the movie!
We saw Just Go With It and my love for Jennifer Aniston & Dave Mathews continues to grow!

Tonight we are cozying up on the couch with a bottle or 2 of wine, a great ending to a love filled Valentines Day Weekend!


  1. How awesome is that!? Beautiful pictures!

  2. Very cute!! How amazing to fly over Seattle!! :) And I LOVED that movie!!

  3. This post made me SO giddy as I have yet to go in a seaplane!!!! You truly must go up in the Space Needle, and I will try to schedule a date with the seaplane :)

  4. How sweet!!!! Looks like a great evening!

  5. wow that is so cool! what an amazing valentine's gift!