Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bride Wars

I introduce you to my very first BFF since 2nd grade, and future bridesmaid Kim!

Kim got engaged last Valentines day in Newport RI -ohhh how romantic! As a kid I always dreamed that Kimbo & I would be brides together and I can't believe its actually going to come true!! Kim & her fiance Ray recently set their date for June 22nd, 2012.. you got it ladies, a day shy of 2 weeks after Ed & I say I do on June 9th, 2012!
Kim, I promise I won't sabotage your wedding and play your wild spring break video for everyone to see at your ceremony if you promise you won't die my hair blue! (Gotta LOVE Bride Wars!)

Us w/ my MOH Collette in the middle. Besties since foreverrr.

I attempted to find some of our awkward elementary/junior high photos but sadly I think they are all packed up in a box somewhere from the move. tearr!

I can't wait for all our planning to begin, I'm just sad I'm not in Mass to enjoy it all with her, but we have the phone, oh how we do have the phone!


  1. That is absolutely adorable!! I love it :) I bet you guys are going to have a very busy few months leading up!!

  2. Let me know if I can help you carry out any fun surprises...I can be your girl on the ground in New England ;) loved this post! I don't have a Kim, but I have a few other friends much like her...I just met them later in life. I made a new Friday's Fancies make sure to hop over and grab it! Can't wait to see what you dream up! xoxo {av}

  3. Hey Girl, I love your blog and I'm giving you an award! Go to my blog,! Megs<3