Saturday, March 5, 2011

GO Green or GO HOME

I started thinking about my Saint Patrick's day outfit a month ago.. weird? I take St. Patricks day very seriously. It's not just a day it's a month for me. 
Well really though in my defense, at that time I was trying to find the perfect outfit I was planning a trip back to the east coast, which is now not happening. Let's just say sometimes Ed's job really grinds my gears!


I found this shirt on Victoria's Secret that was just PERFECT. Only to find out a moment later that it was sold out online. What do I do? Email my mother that's what! Wait, I should back up. The shirt was part of Vicki's Pink MLB line and the shirt I wanted was a Red Sox one, obviously!
Not this Mariners one which is not sold out and I contemplated buying.. EEEK. Glad that thought left quick!
SO I email my mom asking if she could head to the nearest Vicki's to find my shirt, because out here the only MLB shirts I can get are Mariners like above, nope not going there! 
Mom heads out to Vicki's but can't find the shirt and asks a nice sales girl if they have them. She proceeds to tell her that they do, but they won't be putting them out on the floor until Tuesday (this was on a Saturday). As my mom's leaving the sweet girl catches her and says she's going  into the back to get her one.
LOVE small acts of kindness, turns out the girl was from my hometown GOO Bellingham!
SO here I am sporting my new favorite T thanks to the best mother ever :) She takes St. Patrick's day pretty seriously too.

*side note, just bought these Joe's Jeans at Marshalls. I am IN LOVE with Joe's Jeans now. 

Are you all as big of a St. Paddys day fan as I am?!
My favorite event is taking place TODAY in Boston I'm not a happy girl that I'm missing it so Eddie & I are finding something fun to do in the lovely state of Washington. Today is Boston's Harpoon Brewery St Patrick's day festival, take my word for it, it is AWESOME.


  1. i saw them this weekend! i bought one for cait's bday!! i now need to go back and get one for myself... so sad you wont be here for st.pattys weekend!!! but so happy to have you back in july!!! :) miss you bunches!

  2. I'm totally going to buy that Mariners one!