Thursday, February 3, 2011

Props to the home state and other ramblings

yet another amazing etsy find, here!

I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts, up until about 12 I was convinced I'd live in my hometown forever. I'm pretty certain at that time I thought once I got married and had kids I'd still be living in my parents house. After the fun teenage years passed thoughts changed. From then on I hoped I'd move away to a different part of the country. So when Eddie came home after work one night last year and told me he was offered the Seattle/Oregon/Alaska sales territory he received an enthusiastic response from me, as I was pretty excited to try out life in a completely new part of the country with HIM! 

After 2 months into the move, I cried... ALOT! The novelty was up and I realized I was a million miles away from my friends and family. That was a real trying time for me and Eddie, but during that time is when I think we became closer than ever. Now looking back almost a year later, I'm so thankful for the cards life has dealt us so far together! Eventually we will move back to Mass though because quiet frankly Massachusetts is our home, so don't worry Mom!
This print will make such a lovely addition to our new apt walls!

OK moving on... I am SO excited for this weekend mainly Sunday.. and no not because its Super Bowl Sunday! On Sunday, I have a FULL morning/afternoon of appointments at not 1 not 2 but 3 Bridal Salons with two of my lovely ladies... I can't wait to start the morning out with one or two of these!
MMmm.. Mimosas!

and try on some of my new favorite, Pronovias dresses..
ok this dress is pretty, but can we talk about these awkward poses?

ohh and  Happy Chinese New Year!! I plan to celebrate tonight with some Chinese takeout! :)


  1. YAY chinese new year and we had the same thought of taking out take as well ;) love the blog/post girl! you've got great taste in dresses! i love the little sparkle this has!

  2. made me laugh with the comment about the awkward pose! I mean really, who poses like that on their wedding day?? TOO FUNNY!! : )

  3. hope your search went well!! i can totally relate to the whole missing home thing!