Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday! - My First! :)

I'm seeing a lot you girlies doing this what I'm Loving Wednesdays and I enjoy reading each Wednesday so I've decided to join in! Link in w/ Jamie at This Kind of Love here.

What I am loving this Wednesday is:

These over the knee Aldo Boots.. even though they are over a 4" inch heel and I'll look like a GIANT in them they may just have to be in my possession shortly!

I'm loving that the sun was out today and still shining at 4:00 pm when I got out of work so I could take this guy for a nice long, well deserved walk!

I'm loving that we just planned a trip home to Boston for St Patricks day weekend so we can partake  in a little of this with our bestests!

loving these Marc by Marc Jacobs crossbody handbags, loving crossbodys in general!

I'm loving these anthro mugs and the idea to use them for wedding venue decor inspriation found on Hey Gorgeous

I'm really loving that my favorite man is coming home from Alaska tomorrow.. ok, ok he was only gone 2 nights but still!!


  1. What a fun trip to plan! those mugs are so cute! and i'm in love with those MJ bags, but i just can't fork over the $$ for them. maybe they'll go super cheap and i'll find them by a miracle at nordstrom rack one day! lol

  2. Yay for your man coming home! I love your wedding list on the sidebar of what y'all need to do! So smart!!

    Cute blog...glad I found you!

  3. I think I've decided that I permanently am in love/obsessed with crossbody bags! Also love the Anthro mugs, my SIL got me the "M" one for Christmas and I love it!

  4. I love those boots and the anthro mugs! amazing! haha and im exactly the same with crossbody bags - they are way too easy to use its impossible not to be addicted.
    Have a great weekend :) i love your blog and im a new follower x