Friday, January 14, 2011

Surrounded in Boxes and Bubble Wrap

Hope all you lovies have a nice weekend!

I will be surrounded in a lot of this:
Packing up the apt for our move, not a big move just a few miles away from where we are now! I've already done a lot but I'm excited to tackle a lot of the big stuff this weekend. And yes I do mean excited- I love organizing my possessions.. weird I know.
The preparation for this move has been really good for me, I've finally downsized my closet and brought a few bags of clothes to Goodwill. A weight of clothes have been lifted off my shoulders and it feels great, and so necessary too since I'm going from a huge walk in closet to a much smaller one!

Aside from packing I plan to spend a lot of qt time w/ the soon-to-be hubby and Russ. The soon-to-be heads to Alaska for work on Monday for a few days. BOO too that!

and of course we will be cheering for these guys on Sunday:

and I GUESS I will cheer for these guys too:

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  1. I am not a fan of packing, but I do enjoy how it does get me organized...setting up a new place lets me start from scratch.

    And totally with you on the Patriots. Hoping the boys give us a W at home!!!