Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday means to me...

The treat of milk in my normally black coffee and wearing my favorite comfy jeans to work! Oh Friday, I heart you and all that you bring in just a few short hours.. the weekend!

Other big Friday news.. the Tory Burch's that I've wanted foreverrrrrr are finally on sale here,.. still hard for me to justify the purchase considering we will be paying a pretty penny for the movers tomorrow morning but hmmm.. dare I indulge??? or even better Mom if your reading this I'm a size 8.5  ;)

... I just received an email notifying me that there's 3 days left in Vicki's Semi-Annual sale w/ free shipping on $25. I may need to start shopping for my Hawaii vacation clothes, new bikini perhaps?!

This one kinda screams Hawaii to me, obviously I love the one that's not on sale, BOOO.

also not on sale, but I LOVE/NEED this romper.

Happy Friday! Hope everyone gets to indulge in some of their favorite things this weekend! :)


  1. Um, I'm kind of in love with that romper as well!!

  2. I love me some Revas. I say indulge :) Happy weekend! xoxo {av}

  3. loving that coverup and that bathing suit! I never like the ones on sale either haha. Go figure! If you got the moolah then I say indulge and then buy me a pair in the same color (love that color) and I am a 7.5! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I was looking at the VS site too (for honeymoon clothes). I LOVE that swimsuit, the print is great! And, they have so many cute cover ups. I could get out of control FAST on that site! :)