Monday, January 10, 2011

Seattle Cupcake Show

Over the weekend I attended the Seattle Wedding Show with 2 of my favorite Seattle girls. This was SOO much fun and I was in major wedding overload, in a good way!!! We aren't having our wedding in Seattle (obviously, hence the theme of the blog) but if we were I'm almost positive I would've nailed down all my vendors after this event!

Every other booth was a cupcake vendor, or maybe that's just where my eyes and stomach were gravitating to. Cupcakes = where wedding dessert is at right now! Cupcakes in lieu of a cake is definitely a possibility for our wedding! Cutest & yummiest darn things ever!

Of course there was a fashion show too.

And, after a little BEGGING (sarcasm) from my girls, I even tried on dresses! They had me in some dresses I wouldn't have looked twice at but I ended up really LOVING (did not want to take off!) a few. So now I have appointment #2 booked at Princess Bride Couture Bridal Salon in Bothell (right outside of Seattle)!

Bridal Shows = fun times. I wish I could catch a Boston one!

 Shout out to my favs: thank you girls for taking me and putting me in dresses! xoxox


  1. SO are bridal shows totally worth it or just stuff you think you would already know? We have about 2 different ones that are always advertised and they did one last weekend....

    And I take it the cupcake towers are the new it thing?

  2. i went to a bridal show here in houston this weekend. so much fun, but definitely overwhelming. i made sure to taste every cake i could find :)

    also, i gave you an award on my blog. check it out :)

  3. You looked beautiful in all of them but I have 2 favorites. It will be hard to pick but I can't wait to see you in more in a few weeks. Love ya!