Thursday, August 9, 2012

Prepping: Men At Work!

While the girls were up at 6 am ready to face the day, the guys... they on the other hand, they all leisurely woke up around noon headed out for a long lunch then made their way back to the room to get ready...why do men always have everything so easy?!

Right before our first look I had my maid of honor, Collette,  head down to Eddie's room to hand over the rings and my special gifts to him. I'm pretty sure for the FIRST run he answered the door in his boxers and they had to have a "redo" ohhhh the little details!

She had him open one gift in front of the camera!

gift #1 was an album of a boudoir photo shoot I did for him!

Gift #2 you can see peaking out of his sleeve here a TAG Heuer watch.. something he had eyed ever since we walked into the jewelry store for our wedding rings!

Then my photog got some great shots of men doing what they do best... stand around and drink beer?

This is one of my favorite shots of Ed & his best man Jim. Eddie prepping the hair, it took him .2 seconds to do his, it took approx. 1.5 hours to do mine... 

Ed putting his thoughts together for the speech he was about to give at our reception.. it originally was supposed to be both of us speaking to everyone but I chickened out..

The bout! Which I LOVED! Our florist totally flew with this one, we had no idea what we wanted for these but she knew.. oh did she know, and she delivered these little perfections!

and to think, he was doing that as I was doing this...  

having such an unforgettable moment with my mom and favorite ladies.. DYING to see my man!

 Up next... the first look!!!!!