Saturday, August 25, 2012

Butterflies: The First Look!

Before I recap this moment, I have to say how much I loved our photographer's style, as I look at all our pictures I really feel like she did a great job telling OUR story through her pictures.  I realize this style may not be for everyone, but it was exactly what we wanted, I am so thrilled we picked Katie to document this very special day. 

So this was happening, I was finally going to see Eddie. I shouldn't say FINALLY because the whole morning FLEW by. Especially the last 2 hours, everything was go go go and before I knew it, it was 3:30, time to finally see HIM!

The scenery around the hotel left much to be desired, but we made due and found a nice little nook to say "HI" to one another!

he waits.. and waits.... 

I'm coming hold your horses!!

legit felt like the longest walk EVER!

 I'm so close yet you can't see me yet!

I was so FLIPPING nervous to see him... legit butterflies.

And then I just about lost it! My whole body bent in half, I loved this moment!

We kissed.. .

We told eachother how damn good we looked ...

He admired & fluffed my dress...

Then we made way to get on our sweet Trolly Ride...

Miss. Josephine

As we departed from the hotel "Going To The Chapel" was blaring. 

...And we were off to gain husband and wife status!

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  1. I feel the same way about your photographer really telling your story. I also love that you guys did a first look and then went to your ceremony together. I've been wondering about how we were going to do that and I think I may just steal your idea! ;)