Thursday, August 30, 2012

Celebrating: Reception Part 1

And NOW the fun moment we've been waiting for. 
Dancing, Eating and Drinking!

My brother was paired up with one of best childhood friends. It was only fitting, Kim and I spent many hours tagging/trying to tag along with Colin as kids! And I can't count the # of times he's walked into Kim & I dancing around in my parents living room to Ace of Base.

Moments before our entrance, I made Eddie promise no silly dance moves, lets just walk in smile at our friends and fam and start our first dance...

 sure he says...

LIES! although I'm glad he went with his heart on this one.. it sure did make me laugh.


 And a moment of calm as we danced our first dance to Pearl Jam's: Breathe.

From our first dance we moved into the toasts. My dad was the first one up!

Things were going real good...

and then, he whipped out a letter from his pocket that I had written circa 1989ish entitled "I Hate My Dad"

He gave such a great toast, and adding this letter was so hilarious. Although I may not be in my single digits anymore. I still hold some of those very same characteristics as I did when I as a child.

Including... getting what I want. ;)

Next up my beautiful maid of honor Collette aka Brady.
She had me laughing..

.. then crying, with her thoughtful toast. Keeping strong friendships isn't the easiest thing when you move so far away from each other, but Collette makes it easy. 
I love that she included in her toast that she knew when she met Eddie that I was going to marry him. She really did, I remember those exact words coming out of her mouth upon first meeting. You called it girl, oh you called it!

Next up best man Jimmy, he did a great job explaining how Eddie has had a "lucky" streak for sometime now... obviously right, since he got me?!! ha. 

Lastly, Eddie took the mic. I mentioned in this post how we were both supposed to speak, I just couldn't do it. Eddie is a great public speaker and was more than happy to take over the job himself to thank our guests for joining us!

while I just smiled pretty.. 

After some eating and mingling we moved onto the cake..

I had SUCH anxiety cutting this cake, I could hardly enjoy the moment... maybe I just loved the cake that much and didn't want to ruin it.. maybe I was just worried Eddie would get it on my gown.. who knows?! But I was not enjoying myself at this very moment..

But then I was all like "Hey its just cake"

 And I breathed a sigh of relief.. 

All the formalities were out of the way now it was time for the real party to begin!


  1. Congratulations!!
    I was really entertain reading the caption of the pics..
    I wish you all the best in your marriage life..Hope your relationship as husband and wife will last a lifetime..

  2. you look so gorgeous!!!! love reading about your wedding! congrats!!

  3. awwww so great your dad gave a toast...I never seen that. :-) Beautiful cake also.

  4. omg i just CRACKED UP about the part where your dad read a letter titled "i hate my dad" !!!!!!!! hahaha so totally something im sure i did as well back then.