Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Married: Saying the I do's!

We pulled up at the church and things started to feel real. Firstly can we talk about this image, perfect portrayal of the sun that day, it was heavenly. 
Everyone departed from the trolley except Collette & I. We were a bit clueless as to what we were supposed to do, so we sat and watched through the tinted windows as all of our guests lined into the church.
Finally we got the go ahead and Collette and I hurried in. 

We stood off to the side of the church, and I may've said a few oh sh*ts this is HAPPENING. Collette just stared back at me with confident happy eyes that gave me the final push to realize how amazing the next few moments of my life were going to be. 

I would've loved to be in Eddie's head at this moment. He's always so cool and collected, which I'm sure he didn't stray too far from, as he stood there waiting for me at the alter.
Our bridal party and parents made their way down the isle

Then it was my dad & I's turn! 
Total black out at this moment, my only regret is walking down the isle a bit too speedy.

Now, I must take a moment to say how handsome my father looked. He turned 60 the day after our wedding. He's such an amazing man & father. Like beyond amazing.

And also.... he did my mom & I a favor and shaved the day of the wedding. He had some serious facial hair going on. Thanks Dad, although I did love your beard/gohtee thingy. Clean shaven dad is the one I'm used to :)

 Being at the alter was much more calming than I could've ever imagined. I didn't feel a hundred and fifty or so eyes on us. I felt so present in this moment.
We held hands for a lot of the ceremony.

 We listened to our readers.

 I LOVED having my best friend stand & kneel right next to me throughout the whole ceremony. I realize the ceremony was mainly about Eddie & I, but these people who stood next to us are such a big part in our lives as well, that it was very nice to have them within fainting length ;)!

 Aside from kissing my HUSBAND for the first time, this was my favorite part of the ceremony. Father Tom had us face our guests and requested all the married folk stand up...

He told us we should look to these loved ones for guidance in our marriage. 

After some lovely words were spoken we faced each other, and this was the moment. The moment we had been waiting for!!! Father Tom was hilarious at this point he proclaimed that if he is going to use holy water he better use it to its potential and SHOWERED us in it.  Now we know we are definitely BLESSED! 

I am a crier for sure, but I didn't ball here, I did get pretty emotional though. 

Traditional vows were spoken to one another.

I kept asking Eddie to "practice" the first kiss with me months before the wedding. He wasn't very obliging. Good thing because it wouldn't have done us much good!
#flying by the seat of our pants.
Husband and wife's first kiss.

One last blessing.

and omg, we did it! I will forever look at Eddie as my husband, a pretty freaking cool feeling.

My parents surprised us and booked a bagpiper, a tribute to my Irish roots. I LOVED hearing this as we exited the church.

 After a quick hair change completed on the church balcony we were all back on the trolley popping champagne!

And we had a happy happy happy ride to the venue!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I sure love all of the black and white photos. You were beautiful! I would love to share your story on my blog as one of my bridal guest bloggers. Just let me know :)

  2. Your photos are seriously stunning!!!

  3. Aw, you're beautiful!! I had a total black out moment as I walked down the aisle as well. That was the ONLY time I felt nervous-right before that.

  4. continue with the wedding posts! love them