Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happiness: Fun Pics

Once we arrived at the venue we hopped off the trolley quickly in search for..... FOOOD.

I made a total bride fail by not stocking my suite up with food for my girls for the 6 or so hours that we prepped for. I could hardly eat so I wasn't really even thinking about it, but obviously my girls didn't have the serious nerves going on like I did. 

BAD BAD bride!

Whoops sorry girls! :) yah still love me?!

The apps were def worth the wait. Sliders with shots of Sam Summer, bacon wrapped scallops, coconut chicken satay, & crab cakes. MmmMMm.

After I stuffed a slider or 2 down I was ready to go for some of our fun group shots!

We dismissed the wedding party, and I'm sure they were thrilled they could go take advantage of the bar and more apps!

We then jumped on a golf cart and made our way to a great location that my photographer found at the venue.

Picket fence and gorgeous light, Katie is a genious. This spot was everything I could've wanted in a rustic/chic backdrop!


When she told us to get down on the grass, I was a bit hesitant with my dress, but the shots came out great!

I loved everything about taking these photos. It was so nice to have some one on one time with Eddie. Although towards the end I could definitly tell he was getting ansey to get into the party!