Monday, March 14, 2011

A place to hold the rings

Kinda sorta NEED one of these for our wedding day. 
I'm sure most've ya'll are familiar with Paloma's Nest, I just adoreee these custom ring bearer bowls. 
I LOVE that you can use it on your wedding day and then have it as a keepsake after the wedding, a place to keep my ring safe when I have to take it off my finger (GASP!) 

The only challenge is picking what to have written on the cute little bowl. 

A line from our song and our wedding date?
Marry Me, Today and Everyday (lyrics from Train's Marry Me)
Our names and wedding date?
Or a lyric from any other love song I LOVE, this list could go on and ON!

So hopefully the most perfect words to put on this ring bearer bowl will come to me soon, so I can have it my possession! 

Side note- today marks 30 days till Maui! I am going to religiously start working out to Jillian Michael's 30 day shred for the next 30 days. PROMISE! I started tonight and was cursing her out the whole time, she kicks your butt..and I was only doing level 1 of 3... I will keep you posted on the results!


  1. I LOVE those !! We has one made with a line from a song (You are my sunshine), our initials & wedding date. I love it.

  2. i think i may get one of these as well - not sure which one, but they're so perfect! love the train lyrics idea!