Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ode to my shoe(s)

ok So I may be a little melodramatic in this post... be warned...

I had a VERY traumatic incident walking downtown yesterday.
This is the ending result:

My FAVORITE pair of cute black heels which I scored at H&M for such a great price are now sadly not part of my ever expanding wardrobe anymore.

I was hit by a car yesterday afternoon, whattt?! Yup this girl was hit dead on. Luckily, all I lost were these heels. 

Moral of the story even if there are NO cars in sight always wait for the crosswalk signal to tell you to cross. ALWAYS! Otherwise a sporty benz could speed up at of NOWHERE and smack into yah. For reals. 

Although a little sore today I received a package from Zappos that I just HAD to try out.
My new Nike Lunarflys + 

They were on sale and still are! These shoes are A-MAZING. I ran 5 miles then another 1/2 mile with Russ when I got home from the gym :) just saying.

Ok now on to the more important things in life.. relaxin on the couch with wine, nail polish and my macbook.

Sorry had to get a ring shot in there, and my awesome self done frenchy! :)


  1. OMG I hope you are alright!

    but atleast you are replacing the shoes with 'safer' ones.

    and the nails look great!


  2. Your ring is beautiful!!!! We have the same laptop too! yay for Macbooks!! :)

    So what happened with the hit by the car drama??? Was the driver mad? say anything to you? just give you the finger? or did they seem alarmed and immediately get out of their car to see if you were ok? very scary....

  3. oh my gosh i cant believe u were hit by a car!? how awful...im glad you were not hurt, but it sucks these adorable shoes got injured :-(

    but on the flipside, i LOVE those nikes!!!

    great blog...def a new follower!
    <3 megan

  4. just gotta stop and say...
    your ring is GORGEOUS!

  5. Ah I can't believe you were hit! I was hit in a crosswalk a couple weeks ago and wrote about it in my Awesome to Awful post. So crazy, right? Your just walking along when all of sudden, bam! A car comes out of no where. Glad your okay girly!