Friday, November 13, 2015

Day 1 Baseline - Cleared to Begin!

Happy FriYAY!

Today is a good Friday indeed!

Yesterday I got a call from my RE that the US tech wasn't available for my scheduled appointment Sat AM so I needed to come in today! (a day early!) ummm heck yes, music to my ears, another day less that I have to sit and wait and anticipate those bloody shots, LETS DO THIS!

So bright and early this AM we made a pit stop on our way to work for a lil blood work and ultrasound to kick off my baseline appointment!  

Clearly excited about this!

And get this, I am a HUGEEE (understatement) baby when it comes to needles. I know I know, there's going to be a lot more needles in my future so going into this I knew I needed to man up!

Upon entering my doctors office I see my good ol' friend who did my initial blood work - who was AWESOME, so I immediately get all excited and relieved and say "YOU DID MY BLOOD LAST TIME, THANK GOD!" no good morning, no Hi how yah doing... Well she laughed, and now I think we are BFFS.

Moving on.. Eddie's all "want me to come in" and I held my head high and went in myself! bing bang blood work DONE!

Next up Ultra Sound, it was actually kind of neat the tech was awesome and showed my how cool my uterus was on the screen. Then I even got to hold the clipboard and right down the size of my ovaries and follicles as she shouted them at me! AWESOME. It was actually a good experience and I said I would prefer an Ultra Sound over Blood Work any day and she kinda looked at me funny like that wasn't normal? 

So it's kinda frowned upon when injecting yourself with ovary stimulating hormones to consume alcohol. So apparently my ovaries are the only ones having any fun around here! 
This especially doesn't help when  around 2 pm today my boss set this frosty on my desk

And since I'm keeping this IVF stuff under wraps at work I had to pretend to drink this thing then throw the precious gods milk away. WOMP. 

Which brings me to tonight, the night Stims begin! 
Eddie had to work late so my parents came over for moral support while I injected my very first shot of Gonal F. I took it like a champpp if I don't say so myself! I definitely don't think I could've done it alone. Thank goodness for my family.. seriously it takes a village people!

So here I am now, in my first shot over with glory, and one step closer to getting a baby up in there. 



  1. Go girl! You sound like you're in good spirits about everything!

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