Monday, November 9, 2015

I'm Back!

I never intended to let this little blog and outlet of mine go unattended to for so long. 

But I'm back! and hopefully I don't take another 3 year hiatus again anytime soon!

What's been going on with me since we left off. After moving back to Mass from Washington we had to wait about 6 months before our renter left our house so we continued to bounce between our parents' houses. Getting an apartment just didn't seem logical since I loathed the idea of unpacking and packing again!

When we moved back in the projects began, we painted, and repainted, updated the kitchen, fenced in the yard, added a patio, refinished the finished basement after a flood.. the updates to our little cape have been non stop but I've loved every second of it! 

What else, Eddie & I both have switched jobs since the move back. I lasted about 2 years with my first job in Boston and I really did love it and made some of the best friendships but I had to make a move to better my career. Same with Eddie, so we both took jobs out in Worcester... slightly less appealing location than Boston, and slightly is an understatement! But the jobs have been great for both of us. 

We've traveled, traveled traveled!!! 

Puerto Rico, Austin, Orlando, Ireland, South Carolina, France, Spain and lots of mini vacas within our home sweet little New England as well. 

PR - June 2013 (1 year anniversary!)

Christmas in Austin 2013

October 2013 in Disney!

Ireland August 2014

South Carolina April 2015- traveled with both our parents! 

France & Spain July 2015

and oh yah, I turned 30! and most recently 31! Yikes!!!

I commemorated my 31st with my first half marathon, the South Shore Half in Norwell!  at mile 11 I vowed to never run one again but right about the time of this pic holding back tears of accomplishment on beating the time I wanted, I could definitely seeing myself run again to beat my PR!

So that my friends is the past 3 years in a nutshell. Theres a lot more life updates that I will be sharing as well! So stay tuned! 

P.S. NO Idea what to name this lil ol blog of mine, word to the wise never include things that could change in your blog title (from Seattle with love just doesn't make sense anymore so I no longer live there!!)

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  1. Wow- a lot has happened! Welcome back! I left Seattle too and move to San Francisco and since then, have moved to Philly so I'm with you on the whole unpacking and packing and unpacking thing. Looking forward to reading more!