Monday, December 7, 2015


Today was probably the only time I was looking forward to a Monday! But today brought me 1 day closer to my first BETA to see if our embryo decided to stick around or not!!

A lot has transpired in the past few weeks. I had all intention of updating as I was going along but then before I knew it I was getting wheeled in to get my eggs retrieved.

As seen here...

I can't believe how fast November went by, along with all those shots and blood draws! It all seems like a distant memory. That egg retrieval day, that day does not however! It was scheduled the day after Thanksgiving so  it was hard to think of much else on turkey day. 
I was absolutely petrified to get the IV in and be put to under anesthesia. 
The nurses at my center are nothing short than amazing though, and really treated me SO well. The poor nurse had to put in the IV as a sobbeddddd!  Yah that pic up there was all for show! 

The next thing I knew I was waking up asking Eddie "what did my mom and Collette [best friend] say when you sent them the picture?" yah thats what I was concerned about...

My second question however was the correct one, how many eggs??? Well I was very happy to hear 18!! That was a good number for me. Considering my follicles were a little late on the uptake to get to the perfect size around 18 MM 

For education sake, here is my last Ultra Sound Follicle numbers the day I triggered (shot in the heanie that allows for ovulation)

The day of and the day after the egg retrieval were ROUGH. The couch was my bff and it hurt to move an inch. Luckily I had 2 full days to recover. By Saturday we got the report that 15 out of the 18 eggs were Mature and of those 15, 14 fertilized with ICSI. This was GREAT news however I knew that as the days went on some eggs would  not progress to the next stages. 
Long story short we had 1 beautiful embryo ready to head on back in this past Wednesday 5 days after retrieval. 

I just got the news this afternoon that 4 have made it to the freezer! Happy tears flowing over here.  Although I am optimistic that the beautiful embryo pictured above is making itself home, just knowing we have some embryos on reserve without starting the whole IVF process all over again, to make *more* babies makes me so relieved.

So here I am today 6DP5DT (6 days past 5 day transfer) and PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise) man do we love our acronyms. 

In other news we are living life as close to normal around these parts as well. Sans my glasses of wine at night of course! 

We got our tree up!

And I got my Christmas cards out nice and early, with all the extra time I had on my hands..

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