Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Getting Real.. IVF.

So I'm gonna go right ahead and dive right into the most important thing that is going in on my life right now!!

I chopped my hair off!!

Kidding... although that was pretty life changing for me ;)

We've started our 1st (hopefully only) IVF cycle..

This pic has no relation to the post but it shows the excitement I feel!

The cycle began with 3 weeks of birth control, which of those 3 weeks I have 1 more pill to take so it ends today and I can't even tell you how thankful I am to not have to take these pills hopefully EVER again! I know it probably pails in comparison to the side effects I will feel once I start the injections but something about the BC pill just made me feel like I was reverting backwards from baby making... although I know that's silly as usually all IVF cycles begin with this pill!

Side effects from the pill: 
Mood swings

The last time I was on the pill was when I was in college where I had bouts of depression and now I'm fairly certain these pills had at least something to do with it. 

Demon pills chased by wine:

We received our HUGE package of meds & supplies. Not gonna lie this was INTIMIDATING. I let it sit here on my dining room table for a good week before I even looked through it all. (I did make sure to find out which ones had to be in the fridge!) 

This is 7k worth of fertility meds people! 

I feel so bad ass having all of these needles and a sharps container in my house. HA. 

Ok a few things.. I am finally feeling GOOD and EXCITED about this process. That didn't come quickly for me though. I was mad at first. How is this fair?! Then I was scared, needles for 10-12 days up to 3 needles a day, 1 in the rear for 10 weeks assuming our sweet baby sticks! That shtz got me feeling queasy! And now finally EXCITED,  I can not WAIT for my baseline appointment which is scheduled for this Saturday @ 7 AM! If all goes well I will begin Stims that night or the next day.

So this is where we are now. If you would've told me 3 years ago that we would be here I would've never seen it coming.  Would I give anything to not have to go through IVF to bring our baby here? Yes. But honestly we did start trying just bout 3 years ago now and I am thankful that we had those 3 years to spend as newlyweds just the 2 of us. We both have grown and gotten to know each other more and more with every year (obviously) but now more than ever we both feel SO ready emotionally to be parents. Not to mention we had a heck of lot of fun traveling and doing whatever the heck we wanted the past few years!

Ok LASTLY, I've chosen to go public with this journey, personal preference. I am not that private of a person and I thrive off the support from my friends and family. In the past month of deciding to move ahead with IVF social media and blogs have been my bff I have spent countless hours reading what others have gone and are going through to help prepare me for this. I honestly don't know what I'd do without it! 


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  1. I can't begin to imagine what you guys are going through but good for you for talking about it. It does help to get the support, especially other women going through the same struggles that you are. I have zero experience with it, but have friends who have had to turn to IVF. I also know someone who was told my several doctors that she would never get pregnant (issues with her and her husband) and they did a LOTTTTT of IVF, got pregnant finally with a healthy little boy, and after that she wasn't on birth control because, well, everyone told her she wasn't getting pregnant naturally, and all of a sudden, now they have 2! Two for the price of one :). Your attitude about it seems great and I am sure things will be just fine!