Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tan in a can amazingness

So, when I'm not spending all my dough on a Versa Spray Tan...

I am spraying myself down with this wondrous self tanner.

I am giving this the tan-aholic's 2 thumbs up. This stuff is redic and is totally fool proof. I spray every few days after I get out of the shower just to give myself a little glow. You legit just wave this little bottle over your body and you are a bronzed goddess, and it smells pretty darn good too for a spray tan!
Its pricey but worth it, I really am FINALLY putting my foot down and kissing the tanning bed days goodbye and St. Tropez has helped wean me off my faking and baking ways. 

Ok I know this post is a bit redic, I mean, am I REALLY talking about a spray tan changing my life. YUP sure am ;)

Run don't walk to Sephora

Here I am sporting my St. Tropez Spray Tan on my Bday! Not the best pic of me but HEY you get the picture! 

disclaimer: I think the Seattle November weather (RAIN, DARKNESS, and MORE RAIN) has REALLY gone to my head as I may've just done a double coat of spray tan all over my body.. my co-workers tomorrow are probably going to think I rolled around in mud before work. 


  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I'm in Seattle too and I just put my Seattle Sun tan account on hold. I will have to go get this because I have been feeling awfully dull. Judging by the picture it works great!

  2. OH Thanks! For a pale girl such as myself, I need some tan in a can amazingness!

  3. You are so darn cute! I will have to try that tan spray b/c I am already so pasty, haha!