Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dressing my pretties!

I ventured downtown today to check out bridesmaid dresses. 
I must admit not being able to make a fun day of trying on dresses with my bridesmaids really gets me down.. in a major way. BUT decisions need to be made so I need to make my situation work. 
I headed to Nordstroms to look for this Donna Morgan dress for my girls..

and putting my Maid of Honor in this one.. 

They are both Donna Morgan dresses and although the shades look different in the above pics they are actually the same color. 
Nordstrom's only had the dress in a size 10 so here's the best pics I could get with holding as much of the dress back as I could.

Awkward length right?
 I still LOVE this dress and I'm thinking if I was actually wearing the right size it may not be as awkward of a length OR if need be we could hem it up a bit.

They had the same dress in a smaller size in this bright blue color that which I LOVE but it is SO not the color scheme we have in mind for our wedding.

I also like this Monique Lluiller dress
They only had it in a size 10..which again gave the awkward length..

this was a 4.. which fit much better and hit right above the knee. 

I liked all of these dresses a lot. When showing Ed he preferred the first one. 

Opinions please!!!!

I really think finding a dress for my girls has been a harder decision than finding my wedding dress!


  1. Loveee the first as well and addition of roses for maid on honor is nice touch'

  2. The first dress is THEEEE dress mark my words. Reason being you picked a dress that your bridesmaids can actually wear again somewhere say another wedding or out on a vacation or wherever!! I hate when brides pick awful over frilly dresses that you can't wear anywhere else!!

  3. I am in love with your original choices and idea! I love that color and it's a very unique style!

  4. I LOVE the first 2 dresses!

  5. that DM dress (the 1st one) was my #1 pick for a wedding i'm in, its gorgeous and i wanted it so bad but the bride thought it was too pink :(

  6. *drool*...I am actually going to the the MOH in a wedding where she said I would wear "pink/blush" that dress would be perfect!

  7. i love the first dress! ;-)
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  8. Looks like it's unanimous! First one is def. a great choice and I love the subtle change for the MOH!

  9. The first ones you chose are great!

  10. i love the first dress. the blue does look amazing on you though!

  11. I'm the odd ball. I like the last one and the color. Sorry to throw a wrench in it. But maybe I'd just like it to own and wear as a guest. :)

  12. My girlfriend was in a wedding party in the summer and they had these almost lime green ones. They looked so good and flattered every body type. Love the last ones too though :p. Tough call

  13. I really love both! I would definitely be happy if I were a BM and had to buy one!