Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy 2-7 to me!

So, I turned 27 over the weekend.. to say that aging scares the crap outta me is an understatement! And to think this time next year I will be an OLD married lady! ;) YIKES!

Anyway. paranoia of old age aside, I had an amazing birthday in Seattle with some of my very best friends!

I even indulged in some birthday cupcakes, sorry wedding diet!

and bday jello shots!

Jello shots which lead to a photo shoot in my kitchen with random items around my apt...

and then dancing with werewolves!!!

The big 2-7 did me good as I was pretty spoiled.. 

Exhibit A, what my lonely right hand ring finger now adorns, a Mr. Yurman beauty, thanks to my fiance!

My girlfriends also spoiled me with a gift card to my ALL time favorite place to spend $$ Sephora! OHhh they know me too well! Along with gifting me my new favorite makeup obsession 
Touche Eclat, face highlighter perfection. 

Spoiled I tell yah!...Mom & Dad sent me my face's new BFF the Clarisonic Mia! I have used it for just a few days now and my skin is thanking me already!

27 was a bday for the books and I have all the amazing people in my life to thank for that!

Especially this guy... because as much as it sucks to grow old, at least I'm growing old with him!

outfit deets!!! target boots w/ an H&M dress


  1. Happy Birthday! Jello shots can lead to some pretty fun times, hehe! I hear ya about getting older, I just turned freakin 30 and feel 22, ha! And ps- you need no wedding diet you are pin thin!!! ;)

  2. happy birthday! what a great way to welcome 27 with all those goodies:)

  3. Happy birthday! I turn 27 at the end of December...is that officially late-20's??

  4. Whooo hoo you look hot for 27!! (I am a bit older than you but I won't say by how much...heehee). Happy Birthday!!

  5. Happy birthday! Love your dress.

  6. Glad you had a wonderful birthday with very special people! I also adore your outfit and those boots!

  7. awwe happy belated birthday! also love the bridesmaid dress you picked out! try J crew wedding too if you haven't already - they have some nice ones :)