Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Disneyland for Adults!

 We planned a weekend getaway to the city that never sleeps last weekend. 
And Vegas did NOT disappoint!
We boarded a plane at 6 pm on Thursday night with 4 of our favorite Seattle friends!

In a quick 2 hours we saw the lights... the city amazes me when you fly in, all of these lights appear smack dab in the middle of nowhere!

A quick shower and we were ready to hit the town. We stayed at the MGM Grand, they recently renovated the majority of the rooms there and were offering a great deal!
The casino left much to be desired, but we didn't spend a whole lot of time there anyway!

I rented 2 out of 3 dresses I wore from Rent The Runway. This was my second weekend renting from them and I have had great experiences both times! I highly recommend! 

This dress being one of them.

Waiting for our first cocktails in VEGAS!

The first night was a bit short lived, and I am so very thankful we didn't over do our first night as we had a cabana waiting for us bright and early the next a.m. located right along the MGM's Lazy River.

I was really happy with our Cabana at the MGM. They charge by a food and beverage minimum and we most likely would've gotten close to that just being on the regular chairs around the pool ordering food and drinks. So, for 6 people it was a pretty good deal.  

After a day of drinking, eating and lazy river floating, we headed up to the rooms... but not before a quick stop ... my husband is giving the shocker... oyyy!

The guys took a quick 5 mins to get ready and left the ladies to our prepping!
Some of my favorite moments happened in this room while prepping with the ladies, nothing beats girl time!!!
Me sporting DUCK FACE (ew!) and Rent the Runway dress #2 (BCBG and I'm in LOVE)!

Once finally ready we he hit the strip heading for the Cosmopolitan. 

First stop the Chandelier Bar at the Cosmo, it's this gorgeous bar smack dap in the middle of the hotel!  

Kelsie & Andrew are some amazing peeps. I met Kelsie through my job, she was a savior when I first began. She welcomed me with open arms and we've been great friends since!

Day 2: Boys hit the sports book.

 Girls hit the lazy river...

then hit the strip....

Cabo Wabo Margaritas were some of the best I have had!

cluster on the strip, but there you can see our hotel!

We got back to our rooms that night and continued our nightly get ready routine, midway Eddie gave me some kinda life changing news. Nothing we can't handle but needless to say our lives are going to be going through some changing in the next few months (stay tuned). Oh boy. this girl does NOT like change, but we'll live!

We finished getting ready and hit the strip for one last night!
We found the Jaws slot on the way to our dinner at Fiamma, which was delish, it's only fitting that Eddie won a quick $100 here. He is after all a Jaws FANATIC.

Downed a Proseco before dinner with my people..

and took my last Vegas pic!

 We went to Old Vegas on our last night. I highly recommend hitting up Old Vegas if you find yourself in Vegas. The drinks are cheaper and there is some real fun people watching, not like there isn't on the strip too though, but it's a nice change of scenery!

I'm now onto recovery day 4, I wonder if this hangover will shake by Friday ;)


  1. All of your dresses are SOOO cute!! I love RTHR. Best idea ever.

  2. Oohh you looked hot up in vegas!! Love the black lace dress...:-)